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Help with DB-script for export

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Torbjörn S., Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Torbjörn S.

    Torbjörn S. Reputed Member


    I wonder if anyone can help med with a db-script to export the following things from Kayako.
    I also want it connected so that everything that relates to a ticket-id is kept together.
    I would like to have it as a csv-file.
    I dont care if its a mysql-query or a KQL-report, if thats possible.
    My Kayakoversion is 4.70.1

    Reply contents. Both staff, User and Third Party
    Notes. connected to the ticket
    Custom fields. connected to the ticket

    It's quite urgent because we need to have this information to another system and the resource we had that almost finished the job has quit and took his work with him.

    Thanks in advance
  2. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

    I believe we can do this. You will have to contact us for a quote with your exact requirements.

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