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  1. Ambu

    Ambu New Member

    Hello, can anyone tell me a good hosting to install my Help desk ?

  2. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

  3. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

  4. Carl Silver

    Carl Silver Reputed Member

  5. DeanV

    DeanV Established Member

    +1 for hostgator. Tis who i use at the moment :)
  6. Carl Silver

    Carl Silver Reputed Member

    Had very bad experiences with HG in the past - hence why we now self host and manage everything ourselves. But each to their own - if it isn't broke, don't fix it :)
  7. DeanV

    DeanV Established Member

    If I may ask, what was the bad experiance. So far they have been good to me but I only use it to host my personal sites (with the buisness plan).

    The company i work for has their own servers in a data center for their site lol
  8. Carl Silver

    Carl Silver Reputed Member

    Business wise: Terrible support - often failed to respond on live caht, issues with our site being up and down like a yo-yo, problems running simple ecommerce apps such as osCommerce etc. All round poor. However, i am talking about 3/4 years ago. They may have improved now, but as im sure you can appreciate, as a business we cannot afford to take that risk. The boxes we run never have any issues at all 99% of them are managed by me. Our company likes to keep things in-house as much as possible :)

    On the personal side - they no longer allow photo websites, which rules them out completely for my own personal use as i am Press & Events Photographer, hence i have thousands of images i need to host. Plus, i find they tend to hide lots of catches in their T's & C's
  9. DeanV

    DeanV Established Member

    Yah they dont allow Image Hosting Scripts (similar to Photobucket or Tinypic) but i would think that a personal photo site where only you can upload images would be ok.

    The only thing i was dissapointed in seeing in their ToS was the no MUDs/RPGs/PBBGs. Since i have always debated starting a browser based online game :p

    So far for me they have never gone down so i think their reliablilty is up, they gaurentee 99.9% uptime so I will definatly watch that :p

    And Yes I can appreciate as a buisness that going down is a major problem.
  10. quyet

    quyet New Member

    I recommend HostGator. Good support and with many different configuration options.
  11. alesinger

    alesinger New Member

    Does anyone has Kayakov4 on a Hostgator Baby Croc package (reseller)?
    Does it work?

  12. Sparrow-Sean

    Sparrow-Sean Established Member

    Not aware of any, I have noticed that even on a VPS System Kayako does tend to use a lot of resources. Not sure if this was going to be designed for a Shared Environment, but heck.
  13. tth

    tth New Member

    Its not a good idea to host kayako / whmcs like application on shared (public hosting) environment.
  14. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    I would not recommend Hostgator or any other of this unlimited 3$ bucks hosting for something like Kayako.

    This plans are targeted to run small websites not a platform like Kayako which can be quite consuming in resources. HostGator has a stric usage on inodes on disks, so once your database starts to grow you will hit it, actually Kayako v4 ouf of the box will already use allot of database side.

    You then also have to be carefull not hitting the 1% cpu limit per day or the 20 process at the same time. This is for your whole account, so if you have tickets coming in with piping they will run process, your staff connected to the Live Chat will also be consuming process and so will be visitors connected etc. You could also have potential load problems because this providers need to suck out every single bit of power of each servers crambling thousands of websites on a single server. This applies to most of this type of plans, not just HostGator.

    If security and privacy is also a concern I would not even suggested a shared hosting. There are very good options out here. Just don't follow whats "popular" HostGator is definitive not to run something like Kayako unless you have 1 staff and will have 10 tickets per day.

    Also everyone should take into account Kayako v4 is not v3. Kayako version 3 worked fine on shared hostings. In my experience Kayako v4 is resources hungry, its very, very hungry on resources compared to version 3. It requires allot more space, and allot more CPU, some people even complained their current boxes dedicated only for Kayako where suffering load problems after migrating to v4. Even the hosted v4 from Kayako seems to had downtimes in the past (reading the forums) for load issues.

    On my tests and measures Kayako v4 is still not optimized or just is a complete new beast which is to be expected with new software, so it requires allot more CPU to run and memory then version ever did. I can expect most people would be suspended on this small shared hosting just running a small helpdesk on it, because of CPU abuse.

    If you are spending something like 1000$ on a software like Kayako you should definitively invest more than 50$ for the hosting that will run it. Its just doesnt make sense when people spend so much on a software and then blame it for problems but they are running it on a shared hosting for 3$ a month running the servers resources with other 1000 websites on it.

    I dont think v4 was designed for shared hosting at all like other people expressed it here.
  15. smartcard

    smartcard Member


    Please suggest me a reliable VPS host for Kayako v4
  16. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

  17. Mrt

    Mrt Member

    I use hostgator and for many other projects , i give it thumbs up no problems even on the hatchling shared hosting account but i did not have high traffic and was using version 3
  18. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    Version 3 could work on shared just fine. I think I read somewhere that Fusion is not designed to be designed for shared hosting. And it makes sense if you look at the prices, why would someone run such an expensive software in a 5$ hosting. It will probably work until you get more load and the providers turns the service off, but I guess most of us running Fusion do it on their own server.

    Fusion is a full customer care platform, it can take so heavy resources on a server. Shared hosting is not for hosting dedicated applications like this. Its just for basic website hosting.
  19. Mrt

    Mrt Member

    I used the small packages to start off community forums and other social networking sites to see if the take any interest and when you get to x amount of user on at any given time it bogs down on shared servers fast, it is such a heavy load, but it is a great way to get started and it is easily to moved to a dedicated server, but the price is a huge difference.

    Possibly if you’re a new company just getting off the ground and want to show you offer support and you’re going to get a few tickets per day, not a bad way to go finically , but if you have a huge list of support related emails everyday that have to be answered or basically it is large enough you company employed people just to handle customers then I would not look any further then a dedicated hosting.

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