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    • Keep one suggestion to one thread: Try not to club lots of different suggestions together in one thread. Otherwise, people will get confused about what they're voting for and we might miss your feedback.
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How the feedback and suggestions forum works

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by Jamie Edwards, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    This is the place to post your Kayako product feedback and suggestions.

    Except for a very small number of exceptions, the Kayako team do not provide ETAs or shipping estimates on features. Where possible, we communicate the status of a particular suggestion using tags.

    Why public suggestions
    While we welcome your feedback wherever it comes, posting your feedback publicly gives everyone else a chance to contribute: others may share your feedback or have different ideas. The more people who vote up your suggestion, the more likely it is to bubble up.

    Before posting a suggestion
    It is definitely a good idea to search the feedback forum for existing discussions before posting a new one. Someone else may have already posted your suggestion or feedback, and you can add your "vote" by posting to it.

    Popular feedback and voting
    Currently, we look at the number of replies each discussion receives to gauge popularity. Popular requests bubble up to the top and are more likely to receive responses from Kayako. However, popularity is just one aspect that determines what we include in the roadmap. Find out more about how we handle customer feedback and suggestions.

    How Kayako manages this forum
    We read all of the feedback posted in this forum, even if we don't reply directly to it. You'll notice that for some suggestions, we add one of the following tags: Planned, Not Planned and Completed.


    Not every suggestion gets tagged
    Don't worry if your suggestion doesn't get a tag for a while: we've still read it (and we don't necessarily think your idea is crazy!). No tag means usually means that we haven't decided on a course of action, typically because we want to hear more feedback from other customers.
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