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How to allow user to change ticket type?

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by matt.hunt, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. matt.hunt

    matt.hunt New Member

    We are in the process of changing the process of our ticket system. My company wants users to be able to change the Ticket Type on the ViewTicket page on the client site. How can I edit the template to allow it to do this? I tried to add the following but it did not work.

    <div class="ticketgeneralpropertiesobject"><div class="ticketgeneralpropertiestitle"><{$_language[vttype]}></div>
    <{if $_canChangeTicketProperties != false}>
    <div class="ticketgeneralpropertiesselect"><select name="tickettypeid" id="tickettypeid" class="swiftselect" onmousedown="this.value='';" onchange="onTypeDdlChange(this.value)"><{foreach key=key item=_item from=$_ticketTypeContainer}>
    <option value="<{$_item[tickettypeid]}>"<{if $_item[selected] == true}> selected="selected"<{/if}>><{escape $_item[title]}></option>
    <div class="ticketgeneralpropertiescontent"><{$_ticketContainer[type]}></div>

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