How to configure php mail?

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  1. nLinked

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    Our SMTP for Kayako isn't working. Under Admin CP > Settings > Email Settings, there's an option called Enable SMTP, and it's desription says, "Select whether an SMTP server should be used to send email. By default, Resolve will use the internal PHP mail() function to send email".

    I understand that if I disable this option, it should use the PHP Mail function instead. But then how do I get PHP mail set-up? Am on Ubuntu 10.04 self-hosted Kayako.
  2. Vishal Thapa

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    To use PHP mailfunction() for your help desk, you need to make sure that an local MTA (mail server) is running on your server where the help desk has been installed. Once the Mail Server is installed, you will need to configure it so that it can allow sending emails from localhost (Most of the Mail Server supports that by default).
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