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How to create report

Discussion in 'Kayako reports (Kayako Classic)' started by downeybm, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. downeybm

    downeybm New Member

    We're using Kayako Classic and currently, a report is generated for tickets that are considered "On Hold"

    With these however, every day, I have to update the ticket with a new auto response. My question is how to I create a report that will show me ones that either have the 1st response sent or no response?

    Also, how can I tailor it for those with the 2nd? Or the 3rd?

    Here is the query we're using now:

    SELECT 'Tickets.Ticket Mask ID','Users.Fullname','' AS 'US/Ext', '' AS 'State/Country' , '' AS 'Call/Email', '' AS 'Notes'
    FROM 'Tickets', 'Users'
    WHERE('Tickets.Department' = 'TurnKey Support' OR 'Tickets.Department' = 'HostPC Support' OR 'Tickets.Department' = 'Level 1' OR 'Tickets.Department' = 'Level 2')
    AND ('Tickets.Status' = 'On Hold')
    AND (( DATEDIFF(Today(), 'Tickets.Last User Reply') < 7 AND DATEDIFF(Today(), 'Tickets.Last User Reply') > 2 )
    OR ( DATEDIFF(Today(), 'Tickets.Last Staff Reply') > 1 AND DATEDIFF(Today(), 'Tickets.Last Staff Reply') < 3))
    ORDER BY 'Tickets.Last User Reply' ASC

    Thanks for the help!

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