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How to view time stamps?

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by masterctrl1, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    Where do you view time stamps for tickets and chat sessions?
    I see date and time elapsed as related to SLA for tickets and duration time for a chat session, but where are the time stamps?
    We need to know what time a ticket was first created and the start/end times for a chat session (or at least the start time). We need this information displayed onscreen while viewing a ticket or chat session, not extracted in a report.
    This information is obviously being stored. How can it be exposed? Example: 27 April 2012 10:32
    Can Date entries be changed to Date/Time in selected forms?
    Codewise, how about adding mouseover to display date/time whenever you hover over a date entry?

    BTW: I know you can enable "show timestamps" in chat sessions, but that is not a viable solution. This information should be visible by default in Staff CP views for both chats and tickets.
  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    If you goto the audit tab in a ticket, it will show that information for when a ticket was created.

  3. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    If select Audit Log tab, I have entries like this: 28 April 2012 - 6h 17m 27s
    I want to see: 28 April 2012 - 10:32:04
    Can I define the timestamp format in Admin CP somewhere?
    One logical place to display timestamps would be in the footer of each reply where email address and IP address appear now.
  4. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    Also, 6h 17m 27s is the time elapsed since the reply was posted rather than the timestamp of the post.
  5. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    I take that back. The logical thing to do is expose the timestamp in the post's header.
    Posted on: 28 April 2012
    should be:
    Posted on: 28 April 2012 10:32:04
    There must be some snippet of code suppressing timestamps now since it's obviously used to calculate elapsed time.
    Kayako should change the code on all forms where it logically makes sense to view a timestamp.
  6. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    I just checked and ours is showing date and time. ( see screenshot )

    I will see if I can find a setting in the admin CP which turns it off


    Admin CP, settings, date and time,

    make sure your date and time format is set to: %d %B %Y %I:%M %p


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  7. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    Yes, that format is perfect. The default is apparently set to: %d %B %Y

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