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HTML Reply (StaffCP) To Customer Email - Broken

Discussion in 'Installation and setup (Kayako Classic Download)' started by ERIK TRUNKL, Mar 29, 2011.


    ERIK TRUNKL Member

    Hello There,

    After looking around here: http://forums.kayako.com/threads/html-emails-broken-4-01-139.25384/ and here http://forums.kayako.com/threads/update-problem-from-179-203-outgoing-email.25837/ I decided to open my own issue thread.

    1. Abstract

    In Kayako 4, like in version 3, in StaffCP when we type the message (reply) to our customers they receive it in your e-mail (copy of our message typed in StaffCP) and they can see it too in your Control Panel (Cliente Ticket View).

    If we typed a message with HTML tags, they appears either StaffCP, Client Ticket View and in customer e-mail copy of message, and it works fine.

    2. The Issue

    Now In version 4 of Kayako it not works. If we type a message with this tags, even it enabled in AdminCP and HTML tags allowed too, StaffCP and Client Ticket View can see the message perfectly, but the copy of message sent to customer email SHOW the code, even if I change the option on AdminCP to "No Processing".

    3. The Solution

    Up to now, nothing. But, here my opiniom:

    As in Kayako version 3, the 4th version of Kayako should be works like version 3 (all releases), sending the message to the customer with HTML and CRLF working great. But up to now, don't.

    4. ScreenShots

    Here go some Screenshots about my problem. How it appears in StaffCP, Client Ticket View and how it comes in customer email inbox.

    Additionally, Screenshots about my Configuration.

    4.1 - Messagens

    5-0001.JPG 5-0002.JPG 5-0003.JPG

    4.2 - Configuration

    5-0004.JPG 5-0005.JPG

    I hope my issue have a fix very soon, it's very important for all of us!

    Since now, thank you for your assistance!


    ERIK TRUNKL Member



  3. teejayuu

    teejayuu Established Member

    Any progress with this?

    ERIK TRUNKL Member


    Believe, nothing. Any reply about...

    A simple thing like this, just stop works in V4...

  5. Paul Wouters

    Paul Wouters New Member

    Just have a look at the following http://dev.kayako.com/browse/SWIFT-793
    I opened a ticket for this problem. I did some test together with a kayako support technician.
    Seems that the mail are sent in plain text and that only a few email clients convert the plain text links to an HTML link
    (ea. gmail does the conversion correctly).

    We will wait to upgrade our version 3 until they solve this problem.
  6. David H

    David H Established Member

    We have the same issue and can't apply the fix because it breaks the mail parser.
  7. Evert

    Evert New Member

    Did anybody found a solution for this issue yet ? We've just upgraded from V3 to V4 and are faced with this same issue.
  8. Eddie Loh

    Eddie Loh New Member

    I still facing this issue till today. any solution yet?
  9. todd_e_williams

    todd_e_williams New Member

    This issue is still open so to get it some attention I've filed it as SWIFT-2707. Feel free to vote, comment, add detail, etc.
  10. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    I have tested this and it seems to be working perfectly in all my tests ( for plain text or html, depending on how you are composing the reply )

    n.b. this is for the latest version 4.50.00
    location: __apps\tickets\staff

    replace the file with the one attached

  11. todd_e_williams

    todd_e_williams New Member


    Thank you for letting me know that version 4.50 STABLE was just released. I've asked our server admin to upgrade our 4.40 installation this weekend. However, I'm a little unclear whether your response implies that this issue is fixed in 4.50 and therefore the patch you've provided is not needed for that version or if the patch is still required. Can you please clarify? I ask because SWIFT-2707 is still unresolved but notes the patch being posted here. Therefore I assume the patch is required to resolve the issue in 4.50 as well. Correct?

  12. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Todd,

    That is correct, this is not within any of the stable release builds, and the patch I created (above) I did with the 4.50 version of kayako, so you need to be on the latest build for the file to work.

    what the file actually does is scans the post reply contents for any sign of basic html ( such as <br> <font> tags etc.. ) if it finds them, it switches the outbound email into html mode rather than text mode.

  13. Eddie Loh

    Eddie Loh New Member

    Hi, Can anyone tested the patches is it working?
    I had test on my v4.50 but it seems that it's not working, probably any other setting I need to set before that?
  14. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Eddie,

    How are you testing it? the code check looks for some common HTML codes in the staff reply, and if it finds them, it enables html mode, e.g. looking for <p> or <br> etc..

  15. Eddie Loh

    Eddie Loh New Member

    I had update to 4.51.1891, anyone somehow I try to put <img src="image url" /> in staff reply.
    But I still can't get the image to display in the email replied to customer, all the setting has been done as told
    Do you need to login to my Kayako and simulate the issue?
  16. Alexey Chuenko

    Alexey Chuenko Established Member

    Not working for me either. I have tried "Strip tags" / "No Processing". Still not getting HTML formatting even with simple code:

    <font color=red><b>test</b></font>

    This is how it renders in Outlook:

    <font face="Candara, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="3">&lt;font color=red&gt;&lt;b&gt;text&lt;/b&gt;&lt;/font&gt;<br />
  17. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi there Alexey,

    The strip tags and no processing affect incoming, this change is to allow actually adding html to the reply window in the staff CP, and then having that send out in html.

    There is a check added in the file I posted:

    if (preg_match("/<(\s+)?(div|p|span|br|font)([\s]+(.*)|[\s]*\/)?(\s+)?>/i", $_POST['replycontents'])){
    $_isHTML = true;

    It basically scans the reply contents for the tags listed, and if they are found, it converts the outbound email to use html.

  18. Alexey Chuenko

    Alexey Chuenko Established Member

    Gary, in Settings -> Tickets it clearly states:

    Also I've applied your fix and unfortunately it has no effect.
  19. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Alexey,

    did you rebuild your cache after updating the file? ( admin cp, diagnostics, rebuild cache )

    I just tried your example "<font color=red><b>test</b></font>" after making the change and my staff reply came out showin red text in outlook

    Are you using a staff reply when testing it?

  20. Alexey Chuenko

    Alexey Chuenko Established Member

    Actually I've used "Create new ticket" function. With staff reply it worked!
    Could you alter the fix to work with "Create new ticket" as well.
    Does Kayako plan to fix it permanently in future releases?

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