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I want insert image for any Knowledgebase category

Discussion in 'Requests' started by msrs, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. msrs

    msrs Member

    i want insert image for any Knowledgebase category
    similar this attachment file

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  2. msrs

    msrs Member

    Please tell which files have changed code (class.Controller_Category.php class.View_Category.php or any file)

    i make file class.SWIFT_KnowledgebaseCategoryImage .php in __apps\knowledgebase\models\Category

    similar class.SWIFT_KnowledgebaseProfileImage .php in __swift\apps\base\models\Staff

    i copeid profileImage category from __swift\apps\base\library to __apps\knowledgebase\library and change
    Category name to categoryImage. also change name file class.SWIFT_ProfileImage.php to class.SWIFT_CategoryImage.php

    then change code class.View_Category.php in __apps\knowledgebase\staff

    then change code class.Controller_Category.php in __apps\knowledgebase\staff

    but show error

    Undefined variable: _SWIFT_KnowledgebaseCategoryObject__apps/knowledgebase/staff/class.Controller_Category.php:477)

    Argument 1 passed to Controller_Category::_ProcessUploadedCategoryImage() must be an instance of SWIFT_KnowledgebaseCategory, null given, called in\__apps\knowledgebase\staff\class.Controller_Category.php on line 477 and defined (/__apps/knowledgebase/staff/class.Controller_Category.php:295)

    please help me

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