IMAP, IMAP SSL , e-mails questions

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    IMAP, IMAP SSL , e-mail queues questions


    I have setup IMAP fetch type as one of my email queues. I would say that it partialy works since it leaves messages behind and does not bring them into eSupport. I've ran manually (from the browser) /cron/index.php?_t=parser several times and it displays the number of messages it accepts, which is correct. However, when I go and view all tickets, some are missing. This might be realted to parsing rules and how picky the parser is, but I don't have any [rule]!!. The parser log does show some failures for some msgs:
    No Recipients Found
    -- Mime Data Cleared due to Size Limit under Settings > Parser --
    I ran a couple of times, consecutively, /cron/index.php?_t=parser and eventually the missing e-mails were imported. How come it did not show a consistent behaviour?

    On the other hand, messages imported into eSupport are removed from my Inbox eventhough I'm using IMAP, which should leave them on the server. Why is this? :confused:
    I'm sure the Fetch Type is IMAP and not POP3

    When using SSL and running /cron/index.php?_t=parser (web browser) I get:
    Warning: imap_open() [function.imap-open]: Couldn't open stream {}INBOX in 
    /path/to/apache/kayako/modules/parser/cron_parser.php on line 82
    array(1) { [0]=> string(56) "TLS/SSL failure for SSL negotiation failed" } Total Messages
    Rejected Messages:                                                                          
    Accepted Messages:     
    I thought it was certificate problems but it has: novalidate-cert Thus ignoring the certificate part, correct? Any ideas? :confused:

    Anyone know what this is?
    Warning: imap_uid() [function.imap-uid]: Bad message number in /path/to/apache/kayako/modules/parser/cron_parser.php on line 111                                                     Fetching Msg UID:
    Warning: imap_fetchheader() [function.imap-fetchheader]: Bad message number in /path/to/apache/kayako/modules/parser/cron_parser.php on line 124
    Warning: imap_body() [function.imap-body]: Bad message number in /path/to/apache/kayako/modules/parser/cron_parser.php on line 125
    2 Total Messages
    Rejected Messages: 0
    Accepted Messages: 2
    I know that these are warnings and many would say, it's ok continue. Would these later turn into errors (or failures) later?

    Linux, Apache2, PHP 5, OpenSSL

    Any help is much appreciated,

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