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Discussion in 'Developing, APIs and extending' started by Ian R, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Ian R

    Ian R New Member

    I'm trying to write a small app into my helpdesk but I'm wanting to use sphinxsearch for full-text searching. Is there a way to use include or require within the swift framework? It seems to try but then doesn't actually work. I'm guessing this may be by design but I really have no clue. Does anyone know how to use include(blahblah.php); with kayako?

    I am quite new to kayako as well as php programming so I may be missing something simple.


  2. ad_amin

    ad_amin Established Member

    You can put it under __swift/thirdparty directory and then include it like this:
    require_once ('./' SWIFT_BASEDIRECTORY '/' SWIFT_THIRDPARTYDIRECTORY '/plugin/plugin.php');
    or you can add this as a library and put it under __swift/library and then load it by calling:
    You can check other libraries to see how they are structured.
  3. Ian R

    Ian R New Member

    Excellent, seems to be working now. Thanks.

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