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Not planned Insta Alert for v4

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by ferrari, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    I don't understand why v4 users don't add notifications to their operators' phone addresses (text alert).
    Who doesn't have a smartphone?
    Alerts for new tickets or updates is virtually instantaneous. No desktop app needed and no waiting for a feature that may never get added.
  2. JaxWeather

    JaxWeather Member

    Text alerts are far too intrusive and require taking you attention away from your computer screen while InstaAlert flashes an alert and sound on the computer you are working on.

    They also must be turned on and off as you begin your shift and end it while InstaAlert is there on your computer whenever you are working...

    Text alerts would be great for those that are not at a computer terminal all day but that does not apply to my Team.

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  3. Ben in CA

    Ben in CA Member

    I would REALLY like to see InstaAlert work with version 4 of Kayako Resolve. I assumed the Destop program would do this - but it appears not. I just upgraded from version 3, and we're going to really miss InstaAlert... Can they release the source code and let us modify it? Even if they don't have the Pro version ready - just the desktop overlay link-equiped alerts were great.
  4. Ben in CA

    Ben in CA Member

    Sure is.
  5. astonproject

    astonproject Member

    Can someone explain the difference between Kayako Desktop and Kayako Notify app?

    Also, is there a way to get on-screen notifications when a new ticket is created? (in a similar fashion as when a new user logs in, it "pops up" on the right side of the screen).
  6. Ben in CA

    Ben in CA Member

    That was in reference to an earlier post, but I guess replying to it posted it at the end.
  7. astonproject

    astonproject Member

    In my opinion, InstaAlert for V4 is not mandatory as long as we can have customizable desktop notifications i.e. small Ajax popups on the side of the screen to notify the staff member whenever: a ticket is created for him/her, one of his/her tickets is replied to, etc. etc.
  8. cxtsupport

    cxtsupport Established Member

  9. Sambonim

    Sambonim Member

    Hello Kayako team,
    Do you have any news? We have 2 licenses one for v3(Great with Instalert) and v4, without Installert our staff need to check the tickets every time.

  10. MDeBaise

    MDeBaise Established Member

    Same here, we purchased 2 licenses in V3 of Instalert and when we upgraded was never told they would stop working.

    I was also told... by a Kayako rep that even though we purchased them, if they released a newer version of the software for V4, we'd have to pay for it again... Just FYI.
  11. StuartBrown

    StuartBrown Member

    This was apparently '75% done' nearly 3 years ago but still no InstaAlert for Kayako 4. Can we have an update please. - many of us really need this feature which was available in Kayako 3 but taken away.
  12. Ben in CA

    Ben in CA Member

    I would REALLY like to have this again. We have had to comprimize and just have it send out new ticket alert emails to Outlook, but there can sometimes be a couple minute delay on that. If they developed an InstaAlert program for v. 4, or at LEAST a live AJAX alert with a sound notification. Our response times have dropped slightly as a result of the lack of InstaAlert.
  13. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi folks

    I have marked this as "Not planned" - we are shelving plans for an "InstaAlert" application (like we had in Kayako 3).

    However, while a dedicated desktop application to notify you about new ticket updates is not planned, we are working on a much more comprehensive realtime notification system for all your devices.

    It would also open up opportunities to build small notifier apps like what InstaAlert (for Kayako 3) used to do. Stay tuned
  14. JorgeC

    JorgeC New Member

    Any update about this?

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