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Installing Kayakoo Fusion 4.91.0 - errors

Discussion in 'Installation and setup (Kayako Classic Download)' started by Artem Egorov, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Artem Egorov

    Artem Egorov New Member


    In company has installed a kayakoo fusion version: 4.71.1.
    I wanted to migrate all data to a new server.

    On the new server (CentOS 7.0), I installed the kayakoo fusion version: 4.91.0 All the settings in the files php.ini and config.php were performed according to the manuals https://classic.kayako.com/

    Now I have the following errors, decisions on which I could not find on the Internet.

    My errors:
    Uncaught Exception
    Unable to locate class: SWIFT_Ticket_old in ./__swift/library/Loader/class.SWIFT_Loader.php:692
    #0 File: ./__swift/library/Loader/class.SWIFT_Loader.php Line: 1155 Function: SWIFT_Loader::LoadModelFile(Ticket:Ticket_old, )
    1150 {1151 self::AddApp($_SWIFT_AppObject);1152 }1153 }1154 1155 self::LoadModelFile($_modelName, '');1156 1157 return true;1158 }1159 1160 /**
    #1 File: ./__swift/library/Loader/class.SWIFT_Loader.php Line: 1533 Function: SWIFT_Loader::LoadModel(Ticket:Ticket_old, tickets)
    1528 if ($_finalLoadType == self::TYPE_LIBRARY) {1529 self::LoadLibrary($_finalLoadStatement, $_finalAppName);1530 1531 return true;1532 } else if ($_finalLoadType == self::TYPE_MODEL) {1533 self::LoadModel($_finalLoadStatement, $_finalAppName);1534 1535 return true;1536 }1537 }1538
    #2 File: ./__swift/library/Loader/class.SWIFT_Loader.php Line: 1272 Function: SWIFT_Loader::LoadAutoLoadFile(Ticket_old)
    1267 && substr($_className, -strlen(self::EXCEPTION_SUFFIX)) != self::EXCEPTION_SUFFIX && substr($_className, -strlen(self::INTERFACE_SUFFIX)) != self::INTERFACE_SUFFIX) {1268 $_finalClassName = substr($_className, 6);1269 1270 self::Debug('Attempting to Auto Load: ' . $_finalClassName);1271 1272 self::LoadAutoLoadFile($_finalClassName);1273 1274 return true;1275 } else if (substr($_className, 0, 6) === 'SWIFT_' && substr($_className, -strlen('_Interface')) === '_Interface' && !interface_exists($_className)) {1276 $_preClassName = substr($_className, 6);1277 $_finalClassName = substr($_preClassName, 0, strlen($_preClassName)-strlen('_Interface'));
    #3 File: Line: Function: SWIFT_Loader::AutoLoad(SWIFT_Ticket_old)
    #4 File: Line: Function: spl_autoload_call(SWIFT_Ticket_old)
    #5 File: ./__swift/library/Setup/class.SWIFT_SetupDatabase.php Line: 1343 Function: class_exists(SWIFT_Ticket_old)
    #6 File: ./__swift/library/Setup/class.SWIFT_SetupDatabase.php Line: 72 Function: SWIFT_SetupDatabase->LoadModels()
    #7 File: ./__apps/tickets/config/class.SWIFT_SetupDatabase_tickets.php Line: 40 Function: SWIFT_SetupDatabase->__construct(tickets)
    #8 File: ./__swift/library/Setup/class.SWIFT_Setup.php Line: 265 Function: SWIFT_SetupDatabase_tickets->__construct()
    #9 File: ./__swift/apps/core/setup/class.Controller_Setup.php Line: 522 Function: SWIFT_Setup->LoadAppSetupObject(tickets)
    #10 File: ./__swift/apps/core/setup/class.Controller_Setup.php Line: 330 Function: Controller_Setup->_RunStep3()
    #11 File: Line: Function: Controller_Setup->StepProcessor()
    #12 File: ./__swift/library/MVC/class.SWIFT_Controller.php Line: 371 Function: call_user_func_array(((object) Controller_Setup, StepProcessor), )
    #13 File: ./__swift/library/App/class.SWIFT_App.php Line: 176 Function: SWIFT_Controller::Load((object) SWIFT_Interface, (object) SWIFT_App, (object) SWIFT_Router, FALSE)
    #14 File: ./__swift/library/class.SWIFT.php Line: 15 Function: SWIFT_App->ExecuteController((object) SWIFT_Router)
    #15 File: ./__swift/library/class.SWIFT.php Line: 15 Function: SWIFT->Initialize()
    #16 File: ./__swift/swift.php Line: 16 Function: SWIFT::GetInstance()
    #17 File: ./setup/index.php Line: 29 Function: require_once(./__swift/swift.php)

    Copy to clipboard:
    Uncaught Exception
    Unable to locate class: SWIFT_Ticket_old in ./__swift/library/Loader/class.SWIFT_Loader.php:692

    #0 ./__swift/library/Loader/class.SWIFT_Loader.php(1155): SWIFT_Loader::LoadModelFile('Ticket:Ticket_o...', '')
    #1 ./__swift/library/Loader/class.SWIFT_Loader.php(1533): SWIFT_Loader::LoadModel('Ticket:Ticket_o...', 'tickets')
    #2 ./__swift/library/Loader/class.SWIFT_Loader.php(1272): SWIFT_Loader::LoadAutoLoadFile('Ticket_old')
    #3 [internal function]: SWIFT_Loader::AutoLoad('SWIFT_Ticket_ol...')
    #4 [internal function]: spl_autoload_call('SWIFT_Ticket_ol...')
    #5 ./__swift/library/Setup/class.SWIFT_SetupDatabase.php(1343): class_exists('SWIFT_Ticket_ol...')
    #6 ./__swift/library/Setup/class.SWIFT_SetupDatabase.php(72): SWIFT_SetupDatabase->LoadModels()
    #7 ./__apps/tickets/config/class.SWIFT_SetupDatabase_tickets.php(40): SWIFT_SetupDatabase->__construct('tickets')
    #8 ./__swift/library/Setup/class.SWIFT_Setup.php(265): SWIFT_SetupDatabase_tickets->__construct()
    #9 ./__swift/apps/core/setup/class.Controller_Setup.php(522): SWIFT_Setup->LoadAppSetupObject('tickets')
    #10 ./__swift/apps/core/setup/class.Controller_Setup.php(330): Controller_Setup->_RunStep3()
    #11 [internal function]: Controller_Setup->StepProcessor()
    #12 ./__swift/library/MVC/class.SWIFT_Controller.php(371): call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
    #13 ./__swift/library/App/class.SWIFT_App.php(176): SWIFT_Controller::Load(Object(SWIFT_Interface), Object(SWIFT_App), Object(SWIFT_Router), false)
    #14 ./__swift/library/class.SWIFT.php(15): SWIFT_App->ExecuteController(Object(SWIFT_Router))
    #15 ./__swift/library/class.SWIFT.php(15): SWIFT->Initialize()
    #16 ./__swift/swift.php(16): SWIFT::GetInstance()
    #17 ./setup/index.php(29): require_once('/var/www/html/s...')
    #18 {main}

    Please, help me. Errors in the attachment.

    Attached Files:

  2. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

    Are you using some kind of modification? The error suggests it is failing to find the file Ticket_old. That is not a part of the Kayako package.
  3. Artem Egorov

    Artem Egorov New Member

    Okay, where and how can I download the distribution. So that you can start the process of migrating data from the old server to the new server? In my account, only this distribution was available to me. I understand that it is for upgrade.
  4. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

  5. Artem Egorov

    Artem Egorov New Member

    In my personal account https://my.kayako.com/ only this distribution is available to me. I tried to install it, but, as it turned out, it is for upgrade. And I need a clean distribution. Which I could install and then transfer all the data from the old kayakoo server to a new server.

  6. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

    You can probably contact Kayako support to provide you files for v4.71.

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