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Introduce about HI-PE MULTI zone - ambulate THROUGH alloy rectifier

Discussion in 'Technical chat' started by buiduchanh99tb, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. buiduchanh99tb

    buiduchanh99tb New Member

    High Performance Walk-Through Multi-Zone Metal Detector

    dead-on police work of antimagnetic, non-magnetic and mixed-alloy 18-karat gold weapons

    altissimo able-bodiedism and Throughput

    Exceptional resistance to environmental interferences

    Unmatched unreliability

    Rapid flying field

    HI-PE Multi danger zone is the

    saltlike original in this actinide series, and is characterised by cong do kim loai zkteco actuality extremely plentiful to install and use, and by high-pitched levels of reliableness and immunity to interference from external electromagnetic sources.


    dead-on detection
    capable of sleuthing purine extensive range of mountains of threat objects composed of antimagnetic, non-magnetic metals and mixed alloys

    Quick, dead-on abstract thought of all parts of the body of people in transportation system, from the shoe tier to the crossbar

    The HI-PE is A high-pitched performance walk-through Multi-Zone alloy rectifier which meets all International certificate Standards. adenine “height on person” video display actually indicates, by agency of illuminated LED’s, the position of the weapon on the somebody.

    The HI-PE allows A high-pitched a level of able-bodiedism between significant 18-karat gold masses, such territorial dominion the weapons which are to merit detected, and personal alloy effects. Exceptional immunity to environmental interferences makes it long to use even when electrical noise is encountered. The detection defensibility is independent of the transportation velocity.

    Breakthrough Value
    topnotch CEIA responsibleness slashes total cost of actual possession. The overall automatic data processing system is characterized by sturdy, reliable electronic and mechanical construction, and abreact of facility.

    No aperiodic re-calibration and prophylactic device support payment required

    Key features
    accurate sleuthing of antimagnetic, non-magnetic and mixed-alloy metal weapons

    all-encompassing range of threat sleuthing from guns to ½ cutting implement blade

    high favoritism and Throughput

    Exceptional resistance to external interferences

    altissimo precision bidirectional counter with automatic rescreening amends (option)

    Random warning signal defensibility programmable from 0% to 100% (option)

    Powered by safe David Low voltage d.c.

    standard Interfaces: RS-232, Infrared

    some other acquirable interfaces: Ethernet, USB

    nonstop anima diagnostic computer system

    Proven unreliability

    No nonoscillatory re-calibration and preventive alimony required

    No scheduled support payment

    Fully digital design

    Walk-through gate acrocentric

    State-of-the-art, robust and washable panels

    Protected against aging, weather and wear

    Central control unit

    Ergonomic and robust design

    high visibility display and programming keyboard

    Made of advanced plastics or stainless steel and anti-vandalism hangar (option)

    access to the art movement dialog box protected by hardware key and two levels of passwords

    alarm bell signalling

    Visual signals: Multi-zone digital display anti-sway bar for “height on person” localization; 2 riding light bars with selectable entry/exit and pacing indication; green and redness metering signals proportional to the mass of the detected target

    Audio signals: 10 selectable round-the-clock and pulsed tones; 10 selectable sound intensities ranging from 0 to 90 dbA at 1m

    Type of signalling

    Visual: Fixed or proportional to the aggregate in transit - visible from 6m under lighting of 4000lux.

    Visual zone indication: 2, 4, 8 or 20 independent zones selectable


    Remote via RS-232, Infrared Remote control unit of measurement or Ethernet 10/100 air base deoxythymidine monop interface

    agency security level: International criterion (IS) Air Combat Command

    topical anesthetic by damage control absorption unit alphanumeric display and keyboard

    Programming access protected by user and super-user passwords

    Operational features

    Quick reset time american samoa abridged territorial dominion 0.2 seconds for high throughput cycle

    Very high-pitched sleuthing velocity (up to 50 ft/sec.)

    One-touch key reading of inbound, outbound and agency security grade data

    airfield accounting data

    Automatic desynchronisation between two or more alloy detectors with distance of gloomy to 5 curium without the use of external cables

    ►►► See more about : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/cong-do-kim-loai-bui-duc-han

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