IP.Board 3 LoginShare for Kayako v4

Discussion in 'LoginShare' started by FusionDigital, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. FusionDigital

    FusionDigital Member

    We've just completed a LoginShare for integrating Kayako 4 with IP.Board 3. Fully supports Client CP, Staff CP, and Admin CP authentication.

    Download for free from Kayako Fusion IP.Board 3 LoginShare - Fusion Digital

    Let us know if you encounter bugs, and if you have a need to modify to meet your individual requirements, we are able to assist for a small fee.
  2. mtseo

    mtseo New Member

    I have a question: if members will register in IPB 3, they'll automatically intergrated to Kayako?
  3. odvolk

    odvolk New Member

    unable to download =( could someone post it to rapidshare or smth. else?!?!
  4. FusionDigital

    FusionDigital Member

    We've updated this module to v1.1 to better support when certain fields can't be read (e.g. you don't have Nexus installed as well on your board).

    mtseo: members are only autoregistered if they attempt to log into Kayako. This is the case with all LoginShares.

    odvolk: we frown on people distributing our products via Rapidshare, etc, free or not.
  5. kevinl

    kevinl New Member


    Will this be updated for 3.2?


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