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Issues with Kayako Support

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Stuart Diamond, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Stuart Diamond

    Stuart Diamond New Member

    I just joined this firm. a few months ago they had issues with support. they posted negative on a blog and then were contacted by Jamie Edwards. They replied to his e-mail, but still did not get to far.

    I was asked to pick this up. I have been dealing with sopport for about 2 days and still seem to be having the same issues. I even sent a follow up e-mail to Jamie Edwards which went unanswered.

    Is there any Kayako experts out there who might be willing to advise how we can customize the screen to look like the current screen we use. We paid Kayako 4 months ago, and ever since they took our money, it seems that they do not know who we are anymore.

    Today i was on with live chat, and after an hour the tech threatened to close the ticket becuase he was unable to find our account in his system, even though I showed him the e-mail that said we paid.

    What kind of support is that exactly??
  2. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi Stuart,

    I am in the middle of travelling, which is why you haven't yet received a reply from me. You can expect one soon.

    Meanwhile, do you have a live chat ID or transcript which you could forward to me so I can see why our support agent was not able to detect your account?
  3. Stuart Diamond

    Stuart Diamond New Member

    I do not have a chat id. We really need help with customization. We need you to recommend someone who can help us.
  4. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    Where are you going?
  5. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Please can you email the address you used to initiate the live chat. I'll get that traced, and will reply to the rest via email.

    Back to the UK, from the USA.
  6. akuehnemund

    akuehnemund Member

    Kayako support

    Hi Stuart (and Jamie, if you're reading this):

    I seem to be in the same boat you are... unfortunately. We own one public IP address that we use for our web server. Until now, Kayako 3 has been running on that server, so accessing Kayako from the Internet has not been a problem. We, now, want to upgrade to Kayako 4 and at the same time move Kayako to a different server that does not have its own public IP address and can only be accessed through our publicly accessible web server via a URL redirect ( This setup can't be that unusal. It's not like everyone has lots of public IP addresses at their disposal.
    I contacted Kayako by opening a ticket and through live chat. No one seems to understand what I'm talking about. I have been told "Oh, no problem. It will work." and that I would simply need a new license file for the domain "" and everything would be fine. I told both Support and Sales that it would not work - and it doesn't. When I log in to Kayako, the URL gets changed from ARCHIWARE - Powered By Kayako eSupport to - and that, of course, doesn't work over the Internet.
    Anyway, the gist of my rant here is that no one at Kayako seems to understand the issue. I was told that as 'a one time good will gesture' they would transfer my license to a new company, when I wasn't talking about anything like that. Again, they had no idea of what I was talking about. The Sales guy changed my license, assured me everything would work and then wanted to close the ticket.

    My boss and I were just talking and we'll probably start looking into alternatives to Kayako. The support is just terrible.



    Chat transcript from last night:

    Department: Installation Issues
    Full Name: Andre Kuehnemund
    Email: sk@archiware.com
    Your Question: Re: XRG-721-51230 Wanted to discuss what needs to happen. We want to try again to move to a different server tomorrow and need the proper license file for this to work.
    Staff: Khushboo Sethi
    15:13 Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
    15:14 You are now chatting with Simran Sangha - Installation Issues
    15:14 Simran Sangha: Hello Andre!
    15:14 Simran Sangha: Thank you for contacting Kayako.
    15:14 Andre Kuehnemund: Hi!
    15:15 Simran Sangha: Please wait, let me check the ticket.
    15:15 Andre Kuehnemund: OK, take your time.
    15:17 Simran Sangha: Andre, the license key file is domain/sub-domain/IP based. The help desk will be accessible only from your registered domain. For example, you have the registered domain as "abc.help.com" then you will be able to access the help desk from Help.com and this will be the product URL inserted at Admin CP >> Settings >> General
    15:18 Simran Sangha: You will not be able to access the help desk from the domain other that "abc.help.com"
    15:19 Andre Kuehnemund: OK, so what needs to happen in our scenario? Or are you saying one cannot install Kayako on a server that is not directly accessible from the Internet?
    15:20 Simran Sangha: You can install the help desk on a Fully Qualified Domain Name or IP address which is not accessible from the Internet as well.
    15:21 Simran Sangha: You just need to ask us to change the registered domain for you and we will issue a new license key to you.
    15:23 Andre Kuehnemund: That's good to hear. Right now, our Kayako is running on server ARCHIWARE :: Archiware: Software zur Sicherung, Verteilung und Archivierung von Daten. If I request a new license file from you today, will our existing Kayako installation continue to work through tomorrow's mirgation?
    15:24 Simran Sangha: Please wait, let me confirm.
    15:24 Andre Kuehnemund: If the new license key does not work for whatever reason, would we be able to move everything back to the way it was prior to the attempted migration?
    15:25 Andre Kuehnemund: I would not want to have Kayako issue a new license, then something doesn't work and then I have to contact Kayako again to reissue the old license. Does that make sense?
    15:26 Simran Sangha: The key file will definitely work for whatever domain your register with us. You just need to change the product URL from Admin CP >> Settings >> General and download the key file from your members area account and replace it with the existing key file.
    15:27 Simran Sangha: Let me transfer your chat to our Sales department so that they may assist you in changing the registered domain for your help desk.
    15:27 Andre Kuehnemund: OK. Thanks.
    15:27 Simran Sangha: Attempting to transfer the chat to "Khushboo Sethi"
    15:29 Andre Kuehnemund: I'm here.
    15:30 Khushboo Sethi: Hello Andre
    15:30 Andre Kuehnemund: Hi!
    15:30 Khushboo Sethi: Please allow me to go through your previous chat, so that I may assist you better.
    15:30 Andre Kuehnemund: Sure.
    15:34 Khushboo Sethi: Thank you for your patience.
    15:37 Khushboo Sethi: For your query, I would request you to test the V4 license, so that once you are through with the features and functionalities and then upgrade to V4.
    15:37 Khushboo Sethi: However, once upgraded to V4, it would not be possible to downgrade back to V3 license.
    15:40 Khushboo Sethi: YOu may sign-up for the V4 trial at:
    15:40 Khushboo Sethi: 30 day free help desk software trial - Kayako
    15:41 Andre Kuehnemund: We did test v4 and would like to migrate from v3 to v4 - but on a different server. We tested this and were given a license error. So, it appears we need a new license that will work with our new setup. That's when the guy in support said he would transfer me to Sales.
    15:43 Khushboo Sethi: Sure, you may upgrade to V4 on different server.
    15:47 Andre Kuehnemund: OK... Did you read my ticket? How our servers are set up? Which settings would have to be changed in Kayako and what changes would have to be done to license key????
    15:48 Khushboo Sethi: Please allow me a minute while I check it for you.
    15:50 Khushboo Sethi: Thank you for your patience.
    15:50 Khushboo Sethi: Please provide me with the Order ID of the license and the new domain name, so that I may process your request.
    15:52 Andre Kuehnemund: Before I do that I want to make sure our existing Kayako installation will continue to work until we have had time to perform the upgrade and migration. Can you confirm that to be the case?
    15:56 Khushboo Sethi: If you wish to get the domain name change for the V4 license, there will be no issue.
    15:58 Andre Kuehnemund: I hope so. The order number is RCJ81873488. The server Kayako 4 will be installed on uses IP address
    16:00 Andre Kuehnemund: Anyone wanting to access Kayako 4 will use the following URL: ARCHIWARE - Powered By Kayako eSupport . That request will be redirected to and should be transparent to the user.
    16:02 Khushboo Sethi: As a one time good will gesture, we will change the domain name to "". However, in the future you will only be able to use the V4 license on the domain registered under your company. And would not be able to get the domain name change for some other company.
    16:04 Andre Kuehnemund: I'm not requesting a name change 'for some other company'. We are simply moving Kayako from one server to another within the same company. That should not require a 'one time good will gesture'.
    16:05 Khushboo Sethi: I understand your concern, however you may get the domain name change for the same company any time.
    16:06 Khushboo Sethi: However, as you have upgraded to Unlimited seats, so it would not be possible for you to get the domain name change for some other company.
    16:09 Andre Kuehnemund: OK, so then it's a non-issue. Again, there is no other company. There is only one Archiware company. The server Kayako 3 is currently running on uses the private IP address of The new server Kayko 4 is going to be running on is using the private IP address What I don't want to happen tomorrow is that someone tries to access ARCHIWARE - Powered By Kayako eSupport, gets redirected (internally) to and then gets an error message that the license key does not match the domain.
    16:11 Khushboo Sethi: Once I will change the domain name for the V4 license you will be able to use the V4 license for the domain name "" and need to re-download the license key and after that there will be no such issue.
    16:12 Andre Kuehnemund: OK. Pleaae go ahead and issue the new license. I hope it works. Thanks much!
    16:14 Khushboo Sethi: I have changed the domain name to "". You may download the software for the required domain name.
    16:15 Khushboo Sethi: Is there anything else I may assist you with?
    16:15 Andre Kuehnemund: Thanks! We'll try it tomorrow. During what hours is your support available - in case we need help during the migration?
    16:15 Khushboo Sethi: Sure.
    16:15 Khushboo Sethi: So shall I go ahead and close your Ticket.
    16:16 Andre Kuehnemund: Please don't close the ticket. We have not yet performed the migration.
    16:16 Khushboo Sethi: Okay.
    16:17 Andre Kuehnemund: During what hours is your live support available?
    16:17 Khushboo Sethi: We provide 18*5 support via live chat and email. And we are open (GMT:0530-2330) (EST:1030-0430) (IST:1000-0500) on weekdays.
    16:18 Andre Kuehnemund: Thank you!
    16:18 Khushboo Sethi: You are welcome.
    16:18 Andre Kuehnemund: Bye!
    16:19 Khushboo Sethi: Thank you for choosing Kayako, have a nice day.
    16:19 Khushboo Sethi: Bye.
    Support Center: https://my.kayako.com/
  7. BillyParadise

    BillyParadise Member

    For one thing, doing a url redirect to RFC space won't work outside your LAN. You need to set up some sort of proxy so that the external users still see a name or IP that is resolvable. As to the licensing issues, that's another thing.
  8. Gritten

    Gritten New Member

    The license thing was fairly easy for us to sort out, but that of course was with v3, which had a different model to it. We have a production environment for our staff and customers. We also have a staging environment that we use for dev work so it doesn't directly impact customers / staff. This staging environment is very similar to what Andre is setting up. Just a strict internal IP address. I don't believe we were even charged to have this added, and if we were, it was a very small fee. We simply have one key with both our corporate domain, and the internal IP address registered to it.
  9. straightupchat

    straightupchat New Member

    We have also had a great deal of trouble getting support from Kayako. No one is ever available on live chat, and days and even weeks go by without any response to emails. We are considering renewing, but can't get anyone to answer a simple question about name changes.

    I'm not sure we should put our database and helpdesk in the hands of those who cannot even staff their own help desk. I'm only writing this after sending several unreturned emails and even a phone message.
  10. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Live chat is available for around 18-20 hours per day. If it is 'offline' then you have caught us during a shift changeover. If it is 'away' then it is because all operators are busy.

    Please can I have the ID of the ticket to which you have had no response? This shouldn't be happening, and it will be sorted.
  11. straightupchat

    straightupchat New Member

    QWR-220-99630 was the ticket number, originated Feb. 24th. It was moved to the sales department the next day. Your rep misunderstood the question. We then asked the question again by email to your sales department on Feb. 28th, March 2nd, 5th, 7th, and again this morning(email and phone). I checked just now, and Live chat is offline again(except installation support). I hope this helps.
  12. straightupchat

    straightupchat New Member

    Hello, Jamie.

    I appreciated your quick response yesterday, but there's still been no response from anyone in your company since. Live chat is off(except installation issues). I'm afraid your people will close my account in a few days when our licence expires, and I won't be able to reach anyone to address my issue or even renew. This will be very bad for business.
  13. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Sorry, I missed your reply yesterday. I am looking at it right now.
  14. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi there,

    One of our sales agents replied to your sales related query on the 28 February 2011, and one of our support agents gave you instructions on how to get onto live chat on the 25th February.

    I am unable to find the followup emails you sent to us:


    I feel there has been a bit of a confusion here. Please could you explain your live chat question, or forward your followup emails to me (jamie.edwards kayako.com)?
  15. maxhodges

    maxhodges Established Member

    Please let me know if you find something good. I'm also disgusted with this product and company. Resolve should be classified as BETA software in my opinion. It has too many issues, half-implemented features, and not enough documentation for commercial use. And Kayako as a company doesn't seem to have the resources or internal organization to deal with client issues in a timely manner.

    Dealing with Kayako 4 issues has taken over as my full-time job since we installed it two weeks ago.
  16. MobileNow

    MobileNow Reputed Member

    Hi All,
    I wanted to encourage all of you to not get frustrated with Kayako right now. I know it is challenging because things aren't as they used to be, however, I've seen this exact thing happen with other software companies (and I've been there myself too) and it is just a temporary "hiccup" as a result of growing pains.

    I know it might sound like a long way away, but give Kayako 6 months and I expect things will be in a very different place.

    Remember - the people on the Kayako team are real people who are under a lot of pressure right now. They know they've got problems and they're working to fix them. The last thing they want are 10,000 tickets from us reminding them of their problems. Let's try not to make their jobs suck too much more right now. Everyone who works for Kayako CHOOSES to work for Kayako - except for maybe Varun. :)
  17. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Sorry Andre, I missed this post - I did not mean to ignore it. You're right, this is very poor - I'll be referring it to this agent's supervisors. I am sorry you had to go through it, and I hope we resolved the situation for you.
  18. touficjohn

    touficjohn Member

    I was going to open my own thread before I saw this one and don't mean to hijack anyone's thread.

    I have had a great deal of experience with Kayako since the beginnings of version 3 on behalf of different companies
    Since then, their support and their product has **always** been top notch - I mean that.

    Since version 4, I have, till today, managed to stay very calm and kept reminding myself that these things happen, every major software upgrade has its hiccups and things don't always go to plan but enough is enough.

    I'm sorry, the last thing I want to do is come across as rude, but Kayako version 4 is simply not a finished product.
    When it went stable, so many core features that we expected from Kayako simply didn't work, features like SLA's, searching the knowledgebase, setup guides, help files, the mail parser being able to accept more than 2 CC'd recipients, escalations and unfortunately the list goes on.
    One would think these would be ironed out mid to end BETA.
    What this meant for us is that we simply could not allow our users to use the portal and have resorted to receiving tickets by e-mail, even though we're dying for our users to use the knowledgebase!

    With all this, your support agents remained patient, polite and were always extremely helpful.
    Knowing that the Kayako team were on the case erased all our frustrations.

    Today - via live chat - it took two of your support agents, between two different departments (services & support) 56 minutes to answer three basic questions, two of which still remain un-answered, the details of which I left in the survey.
    So today, not only was I not able to resolve an issue with my helpdesk, I also wasted a whole hour on something that should have taken 15 minutes tops, which only added to present and past frustrations.

    I agree with Tony, "hiccups" do happen and he expects you guys will be "in a different place" in six months.
    Frankly, I hope you guys get to this "different place" in a fraction of the time, fix all the bugs, implement all the missing features - sooner rather than later - so that we can go back to actually using your great product.
  19. straightupchat

    straightupchat New Member

    Touficjohn, you wasted 56 minutes of your life on nonsense, and I've been trying since Feb. 24th to get one basic question answered. Has the support crew abandoned ship? I just got my 7-day warning of my licence expiring, which invited me to respond with any questions I might have- which I did, and still no response. Should I renew and just hope I don't need any service?

    Jamie, yesterday I forwarded you copies of the 6 emails I've sent to your sales department, all asking the same question again and again. Here it is for all to see: If I renew our licence and we change the company name during the licence term, can we change our Kayako URL without penalty?

    What's the answer? I think I've now asked about 10 times! (Am I crazy? Is it me? I don't think it's me. I don't think I'm crazy. Do I have better things to do? Probably.)
  20. smckendrick

    smckendrick Member

    @straightupchat - During the evaluation period of the download Kayako Resolve, I requested a new license key at least 5 times, as we ironed out how we wanted to use it.

    I know it doesn't answer your question, because maybe the rules are different when in a 30-day evaluation period, so take it with a grain of salt.

    Every time I requested a license change via Kayako's chat support, I was given a new one within 5 minutes, almost no questions asked. I switched between domain.com/support, helpdesk.domain.com,,, and a few others.

    I hope your question gets definitively answered soon. :/


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