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Jira-Kayako Module for V4 by Dewak

Discussion in 'Apps and modifications' started by Andres Berdugo - Dewak, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Chris Plapp

    Chris Plapp Reputed Member

    Please contact me when this is available for sale. We use JIRA actively and this would be a great addition.
  2. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

  3. Sufian Reiter

    Sufian Reiter New Member

    Hey, I am currently reviewing your plugin and I have a minor requests. In Kayako, the Jira Issue ID should be a link that opens a new window and leads you directly to the issue in Jira.
  4. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

    Thank you Sufian, we will add this feature request to the next update.
  5. jcorreia

    jcorreia Established Member

    great work. We will definitely buy this one when the time comes.
  6. jcorreia

    jcorreia Established Member

    I have a request, if it does not already have it.
    He have a couple of departments, each one having different jira instances. Is it possible to sync more than one jira url ?

  7. Jorg Vloet

    Jorg Vloet New Member

    Great app for kayako we are using it some time now and realy liking it.

    I have got some suggestions
    • Possibility to configure some custom fields to posted to Jira
    • Possibility to configure default jira Project base on Kayako department
    • Auto close ticket if Jira issue has been closed
    • Really desirable is the option for choosing fix version
    The only thing I would like to say next is, Keep up the good work...
  8. thinker

    thinker New Member


    I work in a company where we use Kayako Fusion 4.50.1636 and Jira.... So we are evaluating this plugin.

    Allready made the whole instalation and it went good... the thing is, when in a ticket I hit the button "JIRA-Kayako" it doesnt seen to do anything.

    On the Apache logs I got this:

    "==> error_log <==
    [Wed Jan 23 16:17:01 2013] [error] [client x.x.x.x] PHP Fatal error: Class 'SoapClient' not found in /XXXX/html/__apps/jira_plugin/library/SOAP/class.SWIFT_SOAP_Connector.php on line 74, referer: http://HOST.com/staff/index.php?/Tickets/Ticket/View/3386/inbox/-1/-1/-1

    Of course I tried to look the file "class.SWIFT_SOAP_Connector.php" but as you know is encrypted xD.... I allready made the instalation of ionCube and it seems to work.

    Any idea? if the trial doesn't work, there is nothing to buy :(
  9. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

  10. thinker

    thinker New Member

    Done!!!! that was it...tahnks
  11. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

  12. Xavi

    Xavi Member


    We-re evaluating jira plugin on Kayako Fusion 4.50.1636 and Jira 5.... Allready configured side Kayako, and also side JIRA. The thing is, when in a Kayako ticket I hit UPDATE, it returns: / verify bad user assertTextPresent("The reporter specified is not a user.");

    With the same user used in Kayako, I can manually create a issue on JIRA, even making this user as a reporter. The user is member of jira-users

    Any idea?

    best regards,

  13. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

    Hi Xavier,

    We fixed this error on the latest release of Kayako Plugin for JIRA. Please upgrade Kayako to 4.52.XXXX, download the latest version of the plugin and replace the files (do not reinstall, simple replace the files).

    This problem was reported on JIRA 5 users after an update they performed to their software.
  14. saththiyan

    saththiyan New Member

    Hey Dewak,

    I have a problem in pushing notes to Jira from Kayako and back... i can push by clicking the button in the kayako , but when i put notes in Jira its not updating in Kayako, also Note in kayako not updating to Jira.

    Can you please help me out..

  15. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

    Hi Satchi,

    One of our engineers is looking at your ticket. In the meantime, please take into account that notes are no longer synchronized in this plugin and JIRA now syncs with private replies. Please update our team via our help desk. Your ticket # is 18009
  16. saththiyan

    saththiyan New Member


    When i run the following URL its updating from JIRA to KAYAKO, but our main requirement is KAYAKO to JIRA as well. Since our Support Engineers updates in KAYAKO that should go to Developers in JIRA as well.

    How can we use this facility , if not available what is the alternative.

  17. Andres Berdugo - Dewak

    Andres Berdugo - Dewak Experienced Member

    Thanks Satchi, the comments and private posts are updated in both ways. Something must be not properly configured.
    Our developers are managing your case on ticket 18009, it is not necessary to post updates here.
  18. Jens Klöcker

    Jens Klöcker New Member


    we are just considering to buy this module. We are using Resolve 4.57 and Jira 6.0.4. Is this plugin compatible with this versions?
  19. Chris Plapp

    Chris Plapp Reputed Member

    I am running 4.53.2633 and this works perfectly fine for us.
  20. Chris Plapp

    Chris Plapp Reputed Member

    make sure you disable the automatic watching in JIRA for the user account you tie to this app or you will end up with extra tickets created from the JIRA auto-response emails back to Kayako.

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