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Joomla/Magento/phpbb3/...more integrated in one site?

Discussion in 'Offers' started by hwevers, May 6, 2009.

  1. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    Want to integrate Joomla and Kayako, or Joomla and Kayako and Magento, or Joomla, Kayako and Moodle, or Joomla, vbulletin and Kayako or ..... Can go on for a while.

    As an example says more than words, have a look at our latest installation. This is Joomla/Magento/Kayako integration where it doesn't matter at what software you log in, you will be logged in automatically in all three sites at the same time. Log out works the same. If a new user registers new userrecords will be created on the fly in all three softwares. You can log into Joomla with your username and are logged into Kayako and Magento with your email (disabled in the example site, they prefer an email only athentication only system). There is a lot more to say, but just read for yourself what others say about us on Joomlas extension directory. Jfusion is free software, as are the plugins for open source. Kayako's plugin for Jfusion is not free, but a free evaluation plugin is available on Breincoach. Installation can be done in about 5 minutes.
    More information: admin@mijnbreincoach.nl
  2. mattr2

    mattr2 Member

    I am working with this solution now and will post how it goes.

    After recently upgrading from Joomla 1.0 to Joomla 1.5, this looked ot be the best bet to keep a single-sign-on functionality in place.

    I can come back and post my experience here in a few days.
  3. diglin

    diglin New Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm working to get one unique platform for elearning and it's quite better to get a single sign on for our users between my different web applications and it's not easy without the use of a third party.

    I integrated JFusion as part of my authentification system in Joomla 1.5 and thanks to hwevers I managed to have a single signon between Magento and Kayako, it works like a charm. I brought an extra functionnality to these plugins to switch the language on the fly. It's more easy to synchronize the users with JFusion instead of LoginShare of Kayako when you need more than web applications and wants to get more control.

    hwevers told me that Kayako is the best help desk and I followed his idea, I'm happy with. So I hope you'll be happy with the JFusion plugins.
  4. mattr2

    mattr2 Member

    I agree, JFusion is working like a charm.

    I am still working on some custom configuration thought. I do not require users to be logged in to Joomla/Kayako to submit a ticket. So, when a user is not logged in AND they want to submit a ticket, the Kayako login box still appears. I would like to remove the box, but if I do the bridge is broken. Basically, the box does not provide any usable functionality, but needs to be present on the page in order for the jFusion plugin to work properly.

    If I wanted to only accept tickets from logged in users, the plugin would be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. It is really a gem of a solution.

    I am sure over th enext week or so we can figure out a way to hide the login box from teh user so they can be driven to the Joomla login area when they want to login to review past tickets.

    I will say, It will be GREAT having a solution that does not involve a core hack to the Joomla code. The JFusion bridge seems to fit the bill.

    Henk was extremely responsive throughout the process and even went to lenghts to "un-do" custom code in place from my Joomla 1.0 site.
  5. prionko

    prionko New Member

    Hi Digilin,

    Can you point me about how did you implement Magento/Kayako SSO integration ? I have to implement the same

  6. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    Installation and setup is simple, you install a component in Joomla (JFusion) and then install the Kayako plugin via JFusions plugin manager. The configure JFusion and the plugin. After that you have automatic usersynchronisation and SSO. Really simple no core hacks needed

    No need to worry on installing and setting up, the price includes support (installing and configuring) and money back guarantee if we cannot get it to work on your system. Have a look here: Our Software.
    Want to know what the Joomla community thinks of Jfusion? You can find that here: JFusion -> Universal User Integration - Joomla! Extensions Directory
    Info, documentation and install video on JFusion: JFusion - JFusion.org - Joomla Universal User Integration
  7. mattr2

    mattr2 Member

    My experience on the JFusion plugin.

    I was running Joomla 1.0 with a Kayako bridge from a different solution. It required a core hack in Joomla in order to work. I was unable to upgrade Joomla when I needed to becuase of the hack and when I did, the bridge was broken.

    After biting the bullet and upgrading Joomla to 1.5, I contracted with Henk and JFusion to install a better bridge that did not require core hacks to Joomla. I paid Henk to install and configure becuase I KNEW my setup was not standard right out of the box. A few days later I am up and running without a hitch.

    Supoprt has been stellar and professional.

    I could not have asked for a better experience or better product.
  8. openpotion

    openpotion New Member

    Great Support

    I bought Henk's Joomla/jfusion/kayako plugin and Henk has bent over backwards to help and get it working. I would recommend it to anyone looking to integrate the kayako login and joomla login into one (and prevent the user from having to login twice).

    Thanks Henk!
  9. aliciab

    aliciab New Member

    I can also add my positive comments and experience about this plugin allowing integration between joomla and kayako. Henk was quite helpful throughout the testing phase, installation phase, and integration phase.
    It definitely is worth the cost. The man never sleeps :)
    I will be using click cart pro for my ecommerce, and thus far, an almost perfect integration with joomla and kayako looks to be created, through Kryptronics hard work. So its not limited to just magento. I am also looking forward to JFusion 2.0 and the possibilities it will present.

  10. top_cat

    top_cat New Member

    I've been using Henks plugin and services for a year and half now and it has NEVER failed. It's been fantastic and without Henk I would not have been able to get my site to work how I wanted.

    The guy is a real star! Thanks Henk
  11. seanmh

    seanmh New Member

    JFusion Question

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get the registration links in Kayako to forward to the JFusion Master's login area? Any other suggestions?

  12. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    What we usually do is to switch off the Kayako registration link. See on how to do it the Jfusion Kayako plugin's documentation, or, when you purchased the software, ask me to do it.
  13. seanmh

    seanmh New Member

    I've switched off the registration widget but it's not apparent where the user should go to register. Is there a way to add links?
  14. hwevers

    hwevers Established Member

    Sure, you have to add the link(s) into the CSS. Go to the Kayko admin panel, Manage Templates, General. Then use one of the first 4 entries to add your lonk(s).

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