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Kayako 4 & WHMCS Integration

Discussion in 'Apps and modifications' started by aiso, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Not working. I have the paid version. Contacting support sucks. No intentions to help me. He does not give support here either.
  2. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Anyone have this working on whmcs 5.1.2 correctly?
  3. ganesh.rao

    ganesh.rao Member

    Works just fine.
  4. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    What version of WHMCS and Kayako and the Integration are you using ?
  5. WireNine

    WireNine Established Member

    If you're looking for support with this integration, good luck on finding it. Minimum support response time for this paid addon is 24-48 hours, and that's minimum, and first response is usually a single line response ("are you using the latest version?") and then another 24-48 hours for 2nd response and so on... resolution maybe weeks for any issues small or big.

    Extremely poor support.

    Customers are unable to login to Kayako using WHMCS customer details with WHMCS 5.1, even after resetting their password via WHMCS interface.
  6. WireNine

    WireNine Established Member

    Double post.
  7. Carl Silver

    Carl Silver Reputed Member

    Same here. Some customers are getting "Account could not be created and account not found"

    Paid for this product and "support" and i'm getting none. Suggest new users avoid this mod!
  8. WireNine

    WireNine Established Member

    Support responds within 24 hours if you post in this thread.

    These settings in the aiso-kayako-settings file should be true:

    $mblnDisableKayakoEmailExistsOnChangeCheck = True;
    $mblnDisableKayakoEmailExistsOnRegisterCheck = True;
  9. dim_s

    dim_s Member

    Account could not be created and account not found

    here is our settings,

  10. Sparrow-Sean

    Sparrow-Sean Established Member

    Same with us, upgraded to the new version, "Account Not Found" ... Blasphemy.

    I would also hide your API and Secret Keys as well.
  11. ganesh.rao

    ganesh.rao Member

    Both software run stable releases as of date. The module is the latest as well.

    Yes, I do agree with the rest. The support level is pathetic. Its been a month and I've yet to receive a response for a product that I paid in full.

    I strongly recommend new users stay clear of this company.
  12. Sparrow-Sean

    Sparrow-Sean Established Member

    The latest so called version does not work, it always comes up as "Account Not Found", so not sure how others are getting it to work?
  13. Sparrow-Sean

    Sparrow-Sean Established Member

    Excellent, works now, closed tickets now close finally :)

    Only issue now is keeping closed tickets in "Support Tickets" and not on the main screen, closed tickets obviously still count towards open tickets - want to resolve that and I am a happy chap...
  14. dim_s

    dim_s Member

    But how to solve this problem? How to make work a portal, tickets do not answer: (
  15. Rob Whiting

    Rob Whiting New Member

    Im having another issue, integration worked mostly fine. Latest Kayako 4.5.x and latest WHMCS 5x. (Both as of yesterday) When closing a ticket im getting this ERROR

    WHMCS Kayako Integration API Error: Maximum (20) redirects followed

    at this URL- https://mydomain.com/clients/viewticket.php?tid=6&closeticket=true.

    Aiso, any ideas?
  16. firmdot

    firmdot Member

    Emailed the code author with sales questions several days ago, no replies. So here goes:

    What's the difference between full owned license ($150) vs recurring for $99? Does $150 one give you lifetime updates?
  17. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Don't buy it ! Neither of them. Trust me, you're going to get stuck with a product that does not work and then he'll keep your money, and you'll be just another person filling up this thread.

    He told me that he does not attend this forum, because he does not consider this thread official support for his company. This is just the only place left to complain about his product.

    So trust me , don't buy it. Unless you're bored and want to conversate with us.
  18. firmdot

    firmdot Member

    We're using it with one of our installations already, and it's working just fine. So that's not my concern, I know it works. My question is a sales one :)
  19. ganesh.rao

    ganesh.rao Member

    And when you do have a support query, be prepared to wait for a month. You should stop expecting any new feature development either.
  20. McNeiL3000

    McNeiL3000 New Member

    I see many people are having trouble with this and getting "Account Not Found" i have changed the follwing from False to True but now i get a blank white page.

    $mblnCreateNewUserInKayakoWhenNotFound = True;
    $mblnGetUserDataIntoArrayInsteadOfXML = True;
    also when u enable loginshare only change the "User" loginshare NOT the staff or you won't be able to login to your kayako desktop

    I know you have to install them under the same domain but am not sure if i'm still gettin the errors because both my whmcs and kayako are installed on subdomains i.e helpdesk.com and client.domain.com

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