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Kayako 4 & WHMCS Integration

Discussion in 'Apps and modifications' started by aiso, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Silas Silva

    Silas Silva New Member


    I have 3 problems to integrate my Kayako v4 on my client area WHMCS.

    1 - When i sent a new ticket, after click a sent button i receive a message: "Invalid New Ticket Status"

    2 - When new client trying sent us a ticket using a WHMCS the system show "Account Not Found". Of course, because this client never sent us a ticket with yours email address.

    3 - On the Ticket view list, i can't see my tickets list, only shows a tickets opened counts.

    Follow my aiso-kayako-v4-settings.php

    $mstrKayakoURL = "http://URL/helpdesk/api/index.php?";
    $mstrAPIKey = "";
    $mstrSecretKey = "";
    $mstrOpenTicketStatuses = "Aberto,Sendo analisado";
    $mstrNewTicketStatus = "Open";
    $mblnDisableKayakoEmailExistsOnChangeCheck = True;
    $mblnDisableKayakoEmailExistsOnRegisterCheck = True;
    $mstrDateTimeFormat = "d/m/Y h:i A";
    $mstrStaffReplyNameOverride = "Customer Support";
    $mblnDisplayTicketIDInTicketList = True;
    $mintDefaultTicketsPerPage = 20;
    $mintMaxFileUploadSizeInBytes  = 524288000;  // 5MB Default
    $mblnUseFileForTicketAttachmentConversion = True;
    $mstrKayakoGroupTitleToCreateNewUsersIn = "Registered";
    $mblnCreateNewUserInKayakoWhenNotFound = True;
    $mblnSendWelcomeEmailOnNewUserCreation = True;
    $mblnCreateUserOrganizationOnNewUserCreation = False;
    $mstrClosedTicketStatusName = "Fechado";
    $mblnUseEmailAddressOfAccountOwnerForTickets = True;
    $mblnGetUserDataIntoArrayInsteadOfXML = True;
    $mstrAnnouncementsXMLNewsFeed = "http://YOUR-KAYAKO-SUPPORT-URL/rss/index.php?/News/Feed/Index/0";
    $mintAnnouncementsNumberOfNewsItemsToShow = 30;
    $mintAnnouncementsMaxArticleDisplayLength = 1500;
    How to fix theese issues ?
  2. Silas Silva

    Silas Silva New Member

    Where i put the folder integrationapi ? at whmcs root or kayako root ?
  3. aiso

    aiso Reputed Member

    Support response times very depending on ticket loads, just like any support system such as emailing WHMCS or Kayako. We do recommend emailing any issues to our support email address or logging into our customer area and managing your tickets with us, so we can track them and you can respond back when we respond to you.

    As far as development, yes we are continuing it and we are set to release v1.16 within the next few days. v1.17 will be coming up within a few weeks from then and will support Kayako custom fields. We also have on the feature road map to release the ability to manage tickets as staff users directly from the WHMCS admin area so you dont have to login to the Kayako staff area to answer tickets. This will be a WHMCS add on that is included free with our paid version.
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  4. AndyW

    AndyW Established Member

    Good to hear. Great solution @aiso!
  5. TouchSupport

    TouchSupport Member

    Nothing has changed on our installation and we're now receiving this error:

    WHMCS Kayako v4 Module Error: The license key did not match any in the database.

    We've already opened a ticket, hoping for v1.16 or a fix :)
  6. efisher

    efisher Member

    We are having the same problem. We've been on a version of 1.16 for a while and it doesn't fix this. I think their license server is messed up from the looks of things. I've opened a ticket as well. Problem is that our entire whmcs portal is down with this kind of license issue. Boo! :(
  7. TouchSupport

    TouchSupport Member

    We've been going back and forth with support regarding permissions & ownership on files but nothing's changed. It's reassuring to know others are in the same boat as we haven't made changes to the environment -- although it's unfortunate that a probable license issue for an "add-on" module disables use of the entire WHMCS installation.
  8. efisher

    efisher Member

    Problem started last night just after 1am Pacific for us. I've reached out to them and no response yet. Still waiting. Big pain in the ass.
  9. TouchSupport

    TouchSupport Member

    All fixed, thanks @aiso!
  10. aiso

    aiso Reputed Member

    Make sure you dont have any newline characters or spaces in the license .key file and it should just be the license and thats it, which should be a 30 byte file size.
  11. efisher

    efisher Member

    I can confirm that this was fixed by Heap and the change regarding the newline was all that was needed. Not sure why that changed all of a sudden, but pretty simple to resolve.
  12. SithLord

    SithLord New Member

    Same issue, the module has been working and has just suddenly stopped working.
    WHMCS is completely disabled to both admins and customers with this error:
    WHMCS Kayako v4 Module Error: The license key did not match any in the database.

    I have verified we have in /includes both the aiso-Kayako-license.key and aiso-Kayako-license.dat files.
    The .key file has the license matching heap client area and no trailing spaces or lines (it was working and has suddenly stopped)
    the .dat file is empty.

    .key 31 bytes
    .dat 0 bytes
  13. SithLord

    SithLord New Member

    Can you share the fix for the issue?
  14. efisher

    efisher Member

    Same issue I had. The key file should be 30 bytes, which indicates there is a newline character at the end of the file. Strip that off and you should be fine. @aiso did if for me, so I'm not sure the best way, but looking on the web this command may work:

    # perl -pe 'chomp if eof' aiso-Kayako-license.key > aiso-Kayako-license.key.new
    # mv aiso-Kayako-license.key aiso-Kayako-license.key.old
    # mv aiso-Kayako-license.key.new aiso-Kayako-license.key

    It seems that they did a system update a few days ago and some of their customers are now impacted by this problem.
  15. SithLord

    SithLord New Member

    Thanks for the reply efisher, but managed easily resolve it based on a response from heap software support.

    When editing the license .key file in vi editor you must set the "set noeol" and "set binary" commands. After I did this and saved the file it was 30 bytes and the problem was gone.
  16. peterz

    peterz Member

    Have a feature request. Currently WHMCS project can associate ticket but not when using the Kayako integration. Please make it so we can associate Kayako tickets with WHMCS projects.
  17. cristtiah

    cristtiah New Member

    am getting "Account could not be created and account not found" anyone found a way to make this work?
  18. zanderion

    zanderion New Member

    How is this integration doing now?
    Is it good enough to buy into?
    Noticed it had issues before and still occasionally does.

    BTW, I just noticed this:

    Seems like the developers are Kayako employees.
    But I don't seem to see it discussed on this forum.
    Wondering if anyone tried that?
  19. ironfist

    ironfist Established Member

    I have used the heap software one and it seems to work ok, however the developer is very slow at replying to tickets, I guess he has a day job and does this in his spare time, but this meant it took forever to get it working properly.
    The website also looks very unfinished, as does the client area, which I found rather off putting.

    In the end we decided it was just easier to change the client area links to go direct to our kayako helpdesk and not bother trying to integrate which seems to cause too many other issues and has to be re-applied whenever you upgrade WHMCS.
    We are also using support-pay.com which has login integration and allowing tickets to be submitted via WHMCS would override the support-pay functionality. However this has also been full of bugs and a long ongoing support nightmare trying to get this working properly , so didn't want to add any further spanners in the works.
  20. noven

    noven Member

    I'm a very happy user of this plugin, well worth the small change it costs. Have had a few issues from time to time but Steve has been very good at responding to issues and features are being added / improved with each release.

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