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Kayako 4 & WHMCS Integration

Discussion in 'Apps and modifications' started by aiso, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. zanderion

    zanderion New Member

    So it's basically working fine... but each version update from WHMCS has a chance to break the integration?
    I can understand stuff happens but each update having a chance to break stuff sounds a bit much for my appetite... especially if support is relatively slow.

    Maybe Aiso should just make this a reasonable recurring monthly fee so he has more motivation to continue rolling out updates and bug fixes? It's harder to feel motivated to put priority on it when it's a one-off payment.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    We are getting this error with the last version:

    The e-mail address could not be changed due to a remote error. Please contact your hosting company for more information.

    This used to happen in older releases. Anyone know why this is happening? It happens right before a customer completes a sale. So It took me a while to discover it.
  3. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    They are looking into the problem right now. I will post once I have a solution.
  4. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    No response , the last response I got was "Yes we have a fix for this, what PHP version you have?". Responded, and nothing. God damn the day I decided to use this.
  5. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    I just lost a whole day of sales becuase my new customers get an error right when they are about to make the payment. An error that was unexpected, undetected by us, and one that apparently was already a bug in previous versions, one that apparently he has a fix for, and one that I?m sitting here on my ass waiting on a solution for.
  6. ebmocwen

    ebmocwen New Member

    My WHMCS Client and Admin side is down this morning with "WHMCS Kayako v3 Module Error: This license has been suspended." I logged in to Help software admin area to see an outstanding invoice, i've paid the invoice but to no avail. I can't even log a ticket as it say i'm not an active customer. This is a disaster. Anyone know how I get disable the Kayako module - I can't get in to the Admin or Client side of WHMCS. What a terrible piece of software. Why disable the client side???? Now no support.
  7. UKCloudHost

    UKCloudHost New Member

    I have installed this today but now both WHMCS admin and client area result in a blank page, no errors being generated in apache error log and PHP errors are set to E_ALL. This is the latest version of WHMCS (5.2.1).
  8. UKCloudHost

    UKCloudHost New Member


    Ok found something....

    If I delete the includes/hooks/editticketsystememail.php file the pages come back up.
  9. UKCloudHost

    UKCloudHost New Member


    Turns out due to the following error.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getvalidlanguages() in /home/username/fake/path/whmcs/init.php on line 25

    Hopefully support can help with a fix, opened a ticket.
  10. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    Message from Heapsoftware:


    Kayako v4 WHMCS Module Update v1.18 Released

    We have released a new version of our Kayako v4 WHMCS Module, version 1.18, on March 31st and recommend that every client update the module if they have not already. This update includes a few bug fixes and a new feature. You can download it now by logging into our customer area at http://order.heapsoftware.com/customers/index.php?task=login.

    Here is a list of what the update contains:

    - Bug Fix: Fixed issue where file attachments that are not allowed error out with an error screen, but the new ticket or ticket post was still created.
    - Bug Fix: Minor change to the php code and template so when the type field is disabled, its disabled in the template as well.
    - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Kayako KB support, where if the categories where all the same order number they would not display.
    - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with Kayako KB support, where if the category type was set to private the category would still show up.
    - Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with submitticket, viewticket and supporttickets pages that when the client went to a link but was logged out and WHCMS was installed into a sub directory the redirection didnt work.
    - Bug Fix: Support for WHMCS 5.2.x and higher.
    - Bug Fix: Fixed issue where parent category title was not displayed some times when viewing KB article.
    - Bug Fix: Fixed issue where doing a email address change would display an error in whmcs when it shouldnt.
    - Bug Fix: Fixed a possible local license check issue on some servers and php installs.
    - Updated: Switched Kayako Announcements from the XML feed to the Kayako API. You need Kayako version 4.51.1891 or higher for this, if you dont have it then do not update the file modules/support/kayako/announcements.php. Variable $mstrAnnouncementsXMLNewsFeed in settings file not needed any more. Updated Readme.txt step 9.
    - New Feature: Kayako Ticket Search support. It appears the Kayako API doesnt return valid results during a search so subject search doesnt work (no way to search the ticket subject) and ticket content search doesnt always work. Only ticket ID/Mask works fully it appears.
    - New Feature: WHMCS To Kayako Sync. Synchronizes the Kayako User database with WHMCS database. See Readme.txt file step 13 for more information.
    - New Feature: Knowledgebase Suggestions during ticket creation. Make sure this is turned on under the Support Tab under General Settings in the WHMCS Admin area.
    - Other minor bug fixes and enhancements

    To update the module just replace all files in WHMCS with the files from the zip or just the ones in the change log file. If you have customized the module template files, then you will need to apply the changes manually for the files in the templates/kayako folder based on the files that changed. If you need help updating the module, just send us your FTP info for WHMCS to support@heapsoftware.com

    You can view the online version of this message here: http://order.heapsoftware.com/customers/index.php?task=view_email&id=b6ebd6af


    Glad they released a new version right after whmcs 5.2.3

  11. ganesh.rao

    ganesh.rao Member

    cyberneticos, does it work with the new release? Have you tried it already?

    Can you post which version of Kayako software you are using? I don't want to be the guinea pig this time.
  12. cyberneticos

    cyberneticos Reputed Member

    It works perfectly and very fast. I think this is the first version I don't have problems with. I am really impressed. I was about to switch back to WHMCS ticket system becuase the previous version were not up to par, but this time they've done a good job, and they've released this version right when WHMCS released their last stable version.

    Try it. You'll be impressed. Flawless.

    WHMCS version: 5.2.3
    Kayako version: 4.51.1891

    Congrats to the Heap Team ;)
  13. John42

    John42 New Member


    Im getting the error:

    The e-mail address could not be changed due to a remote error. Please contact your hosting company for more information.

    When orders are being placed.

    I have latest version of Kayako WHMCS Intergration (31 March 2013) and WHMCS 5.1.4.

    How do I fix this?
  14. Fourd

    Fourd New Member

    Hi John
    set those options in settings file:
    $mblnDisableKayakoEmailExistsOnChangeCheck = True;
    $mblnDisableKayakoEmailExistsOnRegisterCheck = True;
    That should help.

    Has anybody got problems with card payments after applying most recent version to WHMCS 5.2.3 ?
    I am receiving following error:

    The following errors occured: 1

    Noting else in WHMCS logs. After removing the AISO software everything works without any issues.
  15. kotique

    kotique Member

    Same here. AISO module introduces an error in Card Processing chain and, as a result, customers can't pay invoices. This is happening on WHMCS 5.2.3.

    If you're using AISO module and decide to upgrade to latest WHMCS -- DON'T. It will break CC payments.
  16. Fourd

    Fourd New Member

    Log a ticket with aiso module developer. He will send you patch for it which works.
  17. fiuza2512

    fiuza2512 New Member

    Error 500 in my WHMCS 5.x
    Archives use aiso and module/kayako
  18. AndyW

    AndyW Established Member

    - duplicate post -
  19. AndyW

    AndyW Established Member

    I bought a license seeing this thread. We failed to pay the annual renewal on time.

    Now WHMCS is been blocked by HeapSoftware with
    "WHMCS Kayako v4 Module Error: This license has been suspended."

    Nothing in WHMCS loads.

    Not the admin area , not the clientarea not the orderforms!!!
    This is blackmail! renew my app or else !! We thought renewal is for upgrades and support only.

    After payment of renewal they just won't un-suspend the app! All attempts to call them or email them has had no response. Meanwhile we lose orders and customer lose confidence with
    WHMCS Kayako v4 Module Error: This license has been suspended.
    What can we do? please help someone.
  20. AndyW

    AndyW Established Member

    Here are the steps to disable this plugin in this situation
    1. Remove all content integrate.php from /modules/support/kayako/ except for <?php ?>
    2. Remove the PHP code added to footer.tpl and clientareahome.tpl
    3. Login to admin area and switch to Kayako built-in module at Setup >General Settings > Support >
      Support Module
    Now you should be back to old separate Kayako & WHMCS

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