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Kayako 4 & WHMCS Integration

Discussion in 'Apps and modifications' started by aiso, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. noven

    noven Member

    That particular error can be a pain. If you are still wanting to use it it cxan be resolved by reissuing license and recreating .kay and .dat files. I still consider it a very aggressive licensing protection.
  2. AndyW

    AndyW Established Member

    @Noven - we have paid the renewal about 16 hours ago. We called and talked with Steven at AISO.
    Still not sure why license is suspended ? Don't think we can reissue it when they still have it suspended.
    I think their licensing system is manual! Maybe the guy who manage it is busy elsewhere, while we wait :-(
  3. AndyW

    AndyW Established Member

    Update: Our main renewed license remains suspended. A trial license has expired. A fully paid for renewal remains unserviced.

    Steven keeps saying he is waiting for the programmer to do something!!!
  4. Sparrow-Sean

    Sparrow-Sean Established Member

    I have an issue now, it upgrades, tickets appear on the front page of the client area, but you cannot see them - under supporttickets.php there it still shows (2) tickets, not viewable, and also says "array" what have I done?
  5. Sparrow-Sean

    Sparrow-Sean Established Member

    Did anyone find a work around for the (1) Credit Card issue?

    No offense the versions are getting worse each time, the STYLE of the script is now not intact, it uses no styling from what I can see, well it does sorry but it does not attach itself properly, so annoying paying for this and it's utter rubbish.
  6. Sparrow-Sean

    Sparrow-Sean Established Member

    Fixed this all up now :D
  7. ganesh.rao

    ganesh.rao Member

    I'm going to prepare myself for another nightmare.

    Kayako releases v4.57.1 with a security advisory.

    Anyone have any updates on Kayako v4.57.1 and WHMCS v5.2.5 working together with this module?
  8. larsoncorp

    larsoncorp New Member

    Please share the fix you found for the following error while client area credit card processing, or address/email changes:

    The following errors occured: 1
  9. Sparrow-Sean

    Sparrow-Sean Established Member

    You need to edit the setting file and set the fix (somewhere down the bottom) to TRUE and it should resolve your issue.
  10. Sparrow-Sean

    Sparrow-Sean Established Member

    Honestly AISO is starting to irritate me, his $150 is not worth it, honestly. The when you try and renew it says to pay for the $49.99 yearly support cost, well well, that is not even an option under his order form? :mad:

    I do not even think this now works under 4.60, tried and tried and tried and tried, I just gave up.

    Cannot even contact AISO without paying for support?

    Bloody give up.
  11. Sparrow-Sean

    Sparrow-Sean Established Member

    Constantly says "Account Not Found", when you go make the edits AISO tells you to go make, same issue, it just does not resolve itself, Account Not Found, Cannot Create New Account, la la la.

    This has to be one of the worst mods I have used in integration careers.
  12. WireNine

    WireNine Established Member

    Honesty just take the $150 loss and switch over to kayako app built for WHMCS, much better integration + free app so you don't have to put up with poor support & $49.95/yearly updates& support.

    A better option would be to dump kayako altogether and just work with WHMCS alone, add the livechat integration developed by stardevelop and its a much better integration + saves support time.
  13. jruizg

    jruizg New Member

    where you get these values ?

    $mstrAPIKey = "mykey";
    $mstrSecretKey = "myseceret";
  14. Sparrow-Sean

    Sparrow-Sean Established Member

    Kayako Admin - API.
  15. jruizg

    jruizg New Member

    WHMCS Kayako Integration API SSL cert file not found, please install it. ???
  16. jruizg

    jruizg New Member

    hello when I integrate with whmcs kayako. when you open a support ticket shows me message Account not. I fail to unite
  17. jruizg

    jruizg New Member

    helps because it shows me the message Account Not Found :(
  18. Elite

    Elite Established Member

    Does anyone know if this module is still being supported?

    I had purchased it and the last time I needed support when there was an error, I got a reply right away.... and was super impressed.

    Now I have a critical error because the module completely stopped working.

    It has been several days where I've been trying to wait patiently, but I have still NOT gotten a reply at all.

    So, now I'm left with an integration that is totally broken and a lot of errors when you try to click on anything support related within WHMCS.

    Any insight is appreciated.


    Note: Ticket ID#KCM-F929C-F6F
  19. Sparrow-Sean

    Sparrow-Sean Established Member

    Nope, he came here and created a module and made people buy it, got lazy, couldn't support it and ripped us off in the process.

    He'll never refund your money and I'd say at most he won't come back...

    just saying he's a con artist ... your better off with the Kayako module that was developed by Kayako.

    I'll never again support module developers.

  20. Elite

    Elite Established Member

    Hi Sean,

    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.... although obviously I was hoping for better news, since I had paid for that module and when it worked, it seemed to work well!
    I previously did get support from the developer... so it's odd that all of a sudden he would disappear. Plus, I have to assume there is a lot of demand for this module, so this developer could have done really well. I can even think of several people I would have recommended this to.

    It seems like you have an alternate solution to make WHMCS and Kayako play nicely together.

    I did not know that Kayako created a module for this....

    Can you give me a push in the right direction to find the alternative solution that you think will work better?

    Thanks in advance.


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