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Kayako Classic connection problems

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Wolf B, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Wolf B

    Wolf B New Member

    So my organization uses KD classic and nobody ese appears to be having the issue I am having, so I do not think it is the issue found here:

    So here is what is going on:
    I will be trucking along just fine, chatting with customers. But then suddenly, my messages are no longer sending. I stop getting messages from folks I'm chatting with. For all intents and purposes, the connection appears to drop. HOWEVER, there is no other indication of this. My status still shows online, I get no warning that I have disconnected, there is nothing in the logs to indicate a problem, nothing. It simply will not send or get messages. When I try to send a message it just spins.
    I checked my network connection, and I am averaging around 20mbps, so I know it's not the network speed that is the problem. Plus, no other applications on my machine are having any trouble when this happens. I can still browse the web and use other web apps no problem at all, with my same quick speed. It is restricted only to KD.

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