Kayako Desktop - Native OS X Software Beta?

Discussion in 'Kayako Desktop and Kayako OnSite' started by Richard Glaser, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Richard Glaser

    Richard Glaser New Member


    I have seen posts that the "Kayako Desktop" native OS X software is in development.

    We are about it implement "Kayako Desktop" at our institution and lack of a OS X client is a "big" concern due the about of staff using OS X. And using "VM" or wine solution isn't ideal, but has been implement.

    My question is is there a planned timeframe for the native "Kayako Desktop" OS X software?

    If you can't publicly announce the date can you disclose rough timeframe with customers that sign NDA, etc?

    Lastly, are you allowing beta testers for the "Kayako Desktop" native OS X software? If so, how can we participate?
  2. Mark_Holland

    Mark_Holland New Member

  3. Ali Camarata

    Ali Camarata New Member

    I can not open that thread... but can view this one.
  4. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    We're getting close to a beta :)
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  5. Ali Camarata

    Ali Camarata New Member

    Keep us posted because SatChat doesn't work for me and running Windows in a VM just for Kayako is crazy. Is this Mac only or Ubuntu/Linux also?
  6. Brian Bellman

    Brian Bellman Member

    I am also very interested. We are an all Mac Call Center and running chat is one of the biggest pitfalls. SatChat crashes too much, as does using Citrix or Terminal services. The only way we got anything reliable was to install parallels and run Windows on several machines.
  7. Ali Camarata

    Ali Camarata New Member

    Will there also be a native Linux (especially Ubuntu) installation option? Also are there any plans on making it available via Web App maybe built into the staff area?
  8. Brian Bellman

    Brian Bellman Member

    Any updates on this?
  9. Lynne Whitley

    Lynne Whitley New Member

    We are also interesting in this!
  10. Ali Camarata

    Ali Camarata New Member

    Jamie Edwards, any update? I would be willing to test as soon as possible... any beta product must be more stable than WINE type solutions.
  11. DF-Duncan

    DF-Duncan Established Member

    This must be the longest 'BETA' test of any product, and clearly one would expect it to be very stable when it does surface in 2016 :confused:

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