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Kayako Desktop on Linux/Mac OS X using Wine/CrossOver

Discussion in 'Kayako Desktop' started by Satinderjit Singh, Jun 3, 2011.


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  3. Mac OS X

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  1. Please share your experience here if anybody have tried installing Kayako Desktop on Linux or Mac OS X using Wine or CrossOver.

    Found some threads about LiveResponse installation on Linux, in which people had issues using it.

    Hoping for positive responses this time for Kayako Desktop! ;)

  2. Kayako Desktop running on different variants of Linux:

    Kayako Desktop running on Cent OS 5.5 i386. Chat transfer worked from Linux to Windows.
    Kayako Desktop running on Ubuntu 11.4 i386. Showing visitor footsteps.
    Tray icon options. If Kayako Desktop is closed, it stays there in system Tray same as in Windows.
    Chat client window from Windows XP. Screen capture image sent from Kayako Desktop running on Linux.

    For detailed information on what works and what doesn't visit my blog.


  3. SteveLV702

    SteveLV702 Kayako Guru

    ill just wait for a native mac client
  4. Eugen Cocalea

    Eugen Cocalea New Member

    Not exactly useful information. While I agree that finding out that 'it works' is a plus, not sharing any tips about how you did it is a big minus.

    I'm on Ubuntu (10.4, Lucid Lynx), and I am currently evaluating the product. I don't have (easy) access to a Windows box to test the Desktop stuff so I would appreciate some tips about how to make it work with Wine. I am able to install the Desktop, but it crashes when it starts. The first time I've ran it I was able to enter the account information, the application window showed, then it crashed. Subsequent runs resulted in the application window showing and then it crashes. Any tips?
  5. Eugen Cocalea,

    Kayako Desktop's dependencies must be installed with Wine on Linux. I actually complied the latest beta package of wine from source code and installed all needed dependencies of Kayako Desktop to make it work properly.

    Try using 'winetricks' to install dependencies like 'Internet Explorer 8' and required DLLs with wine.

    To make it easy for every one to install Kayako Desktop on Linux, I am currently working on a SHELL script that will install Kayako Desktop on any variant of Linux without much hassle. Besides, I am also looking for a solution to make JavaScript work with Internet Explorer 8 on Linux, which will enable more features in KD.

    Hope this information will be of some help for you.
    Best of Luck!
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  6. Eugen Cocalea

    Eugen Cocalea New Member

    Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. But, for me and (I just assume) several other users that might need at some point the application to work on Linux to some extent, where could I find a complete list of dependencies for KD? I am not very good with wine debugging so I have to admit I don't have many clues about what causes the app to crash.

    I will definately start with IE8 and go from there. Thanks again for the time you take on this.
  7. I have finally completed the installation script of Kayako Desktop to install on Linux. Made three packages according to the distros that I have tested these one. I will soon upload the package files for Ubuntu 11.04, Fedora 15, and CentOS 5.5, and share the links here.

  8. Eugen Cocalea

    Eugen Cocalea New Member

    Thank you very much for your time spent on this. I will be one of the first to test those and give you feedback about the scripts as soon as they are up.
  9. pol67

    pol67 Reputed Member

    Any news?
    I use Ubuntu.
  10. grupopikanto

    grupopikanto New Member

    Hello, have you already uploaded the packages for ubuntu? I've started with winetricks, installed IE8 but now, what's the next step? what are the other DLLs needed in order for the KD to work?
  11. pol67

    pol67 Reputed Member

    No, I'm waiting the installation script
  12. Hi guys,

    Thanks you for taking intrust in my work and appreciation. As usual, in last minutes before I upload the packages online, something else came to my mind. The installation script earlier could only run the installed Kayako Desktop in my package. However, it could be difficult for other users to update Kayako Desktop to latest build who are not much familiar with wine. So, I added another script in package, which will download the latest version of Kayako Desktop and install it on the system.

    The packages will be of about 112 MB. I am currently out of city having some good time in weekend, so I'll most probably upload the packages by this Monday-Tuesday.

    Thanks again!
  13. dim_s

    dim_s Member

    Whether prompt please it has turned out to make at you that that you planned, and it is possible to see result of the operation done by you?
  14. Finally, I got my Kayako Desktop installation script completed and complied a package ready to install and work. Some information regarding these packages:

    - Scripted using Shell script and complied to binary using ‘shc’ utility.
    - The package contains a standalone installation of ‘wine’, which will not affect your existing ‘wine’ installation of your system.
    - As the standalone ‘wine’ package is included, that made the packages of size 112 MB.
    - For more information read the ‘README.txt’ file included with the packages.

    The download links are available on my blog at the following link to download the packages for Fedora, Redhat, CentOS and Ubuntu.

  15. Master Merlin

    Master Merlin Member

    any chance for a mac version :D?
  16. Kayako is already working on Mac version of Live Chat client for their version 4 help desk. Let's see when they come up with a native chat client for Mac OS X.

    I'm not so sure if they will be releasing any live chat client for Linux/*nix users, so this 'wine' emulated version of windows native client is good to try.

    I tried to install Internet Explorer 7/8 and Kayako Desktop on Mac using WineBottler, but did not get success. Internet Explorer was working like piece of crap! and due to this Kayako Desktop did not function properly (however, I did not face any issue running Kayako Desktop like any other windows application on Mac using wine emulation).

    If I get enough free time to compile wine on Mac, then I will try to sort out these things. I think IE and Kayako Desktop should work the same way on Mac as they work on Linux, because the emulation is same on both platforms (wine).

  17. Master Merlin

    Master Merlin Member

  18. I will surely try my hands again to make Kayako Desktop emulate on Mac OS X. But I can not assure you about this, as I will be experimenting on my Hackintosh! ;)
  19. CyberHostPro

    CyberHostPro Member


    I too would second the mac support this would be amazing if you can get this to work on mac OSx :)
  20. malik_sopa

    malik_sopa New Member

    Hi not work ubuntu 10.10.

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