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Discussion in 'Kayako Desktop' started by Randall Kinney, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Randall Kinney

    Randall Kinney New Member

    Hello everyone,
    After installing the very recent update for Kayako Desktop. We are having problems with our visitor alerts. They are constantly being triggered. I even went so far as to delete the few that we had. But even with the rules deleted, they are constantly being triggered for the same visitors. Any suggestions?

  2. Randall Kinney

    Randall Kinney New Member

    Confirmed that it is the new version of Desktop and it is actually the custom alerts that are the issue. Still cannot resolve. Downgrading to previous version does not resolve the problem.
  3. Imagine

    Imagine Member

    I am using the last desktop version too. I have the same problem as you. Did you receive any suggestion yet?
  4. Randall Kinney

    Randall Kinney New Member

    I did not get any official reply or any unofficial suggestions to this problem. We ended up removing all custom alerts in Kayako Admin and when that did not make a difference, we disabled all custom alerts in the Desktop settings.
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