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Kayako Developer for customization needed

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Björn Steinleitner, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Björn Steinleitner

    Björn Steinleitner New Member

    we are looking for a kayako developer (paid employment) who is capable of realizing some customizations on the frontend and backend of our support/ticket system. We will pay for these customizations, please provide us an offer for the following tasks.

    Task 1/Frontend:
    in the support Frontend a logged in customer can sort his tickets by ie status, group etc.
    The task is to give our customers the ability to filter by Ticket Status and by Group? So that the customer has 2 additionaly Dropdowns in the frontend where all his available status/groups are listed, and when he chooses one, the list will update with the selected condition.

    Task 2/Backend/Staff:
    we want to exclude some staff members from specific ticket status, so that we are able to control, what ticket status a specific staff member is able to see. In the admin panel there should be a function where we can choose a staff member and check which status he is allowed to see.

    Realization/Implementation: as soon as possible

    Please leave an offer here or send me an email: bs@webtronix.de / Subject: "Kayako Customization"

    Thank You!


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