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Kayako Hosted SSL - What am I missing?

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Stubertio, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. Stubertio

    Stubertio New Member

    Hello all

    First post, so please bear with me. I did use the search and the 'similar threads' option, above, but neither gave me the info I'm looking for.
    I am considering purchasing the hosted version of Kayako for the new company I'm working for. I rolled it out at my previous place of employment many years ago and, I guess, back then security wasn't quite in the forefront of everyone's mind in the way it is today. Therefore, I've only just realised that my old helpdesk (4.73.2) runs over http and not https. This seems a little odd for 2016, no?
    I found plenty of posts where people are asking if they can enable ssl for a custom URL, but what about a standard url such as ours at company.helpserve.com? If I try and access that over https, I am given a cert error due to the cert being a wildcard for *.kayako.com

    So is it currently possible to enable https on the hosted x.helpserve.com version of esupport and likewise is it possible to have this on by default on a new instance?

    Thank you
  2. binki

    binki New Member

    I think that if you can have kayako help you move from helpserve.com to kayako.com it’ll just work by default. Were you able to do this? My employer’s site is also stuck on helpserve.com without SSL…
  3. Vinay Sharma

    Vinay Sharma Staff Member


    Kayako offers secure mode (SSL certificate) only with the .kayako.com domain. Firstly, the domain with .helpserve.com should be converted into .kayako.com. I suggest you contact Kayako Support (at support@kayako.com) on this.

    Vinay Sharma
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  4. AndrewL2704

    AndrewL2704 Member

    Hi, We have what used to be called download and self host the server with an SSL certificate so it runs under https://

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