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Kayako Integration Solutions

Discussion in 'Apps and modifications' started by KayakoSolutions, May 15, 2012.

  1. KayakoSolutions

    KayakoSolutions Established Member

    Hello fellow Kayako enthusiasts!

    Kayako Solutions are happy to spread the good news among you guys, as we are offering a nice variety of integration solutions for Kayako now.

    Apart from Kayako integration with Salesforce CRM, a solution you may have already heard of, we have added another two integrations to our portfolio.

    This time we're bringing together Kayako and SugarCRM as well as integrating Kayako with eCommerce, which implies integration with major shopping carts out there.

    All of these are designed to streamline your business processes and give you a competitive advantage to impress your customers with an outstanding customer support.

    Stay tuned for more updates with us,
  2. supportee

    supportee New Member

    hello, is the Kayako- Sugar CRM integration solution ready ? We are looking at buying Kayako for this very reason. Please advise.
  3. KayakoSolutions

    KayakoSolutions Established Member

  4. KayakoSolutions

    KayakoSolutions Established Member

    Great news everyone!

    Now anyone interested in linking Kayako with SugarCRM can check our demo of the solution as well as download a user manual here.

    warmest regards,

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