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Kayako Mobile for iOS available in the App Store

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Jamie Edwards, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    Attachments are (should be) part of Kayako Mobile. Are you sure they are missing?
  2. Ok, found the attachments on my iPhone App. But I need to forward tickets and attachments to another emailadress.
  3. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    I understand but that is not possible right now. I will discuss this with Jamie.
  4. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    Wouldn't another operator login to view tickets and attachments?
  5. Mike Louth

    Mike Louth New Member

    Well I've tried to use it but quite honestly it's pretty much a non-app at the moment. It's great that you're developing for it and I seriously hope you will be making it worth using over the web interface in future.

    - No push notifications (Should be the first thing you do IMO)
    - Can't edit the content, properties or status of a ticket
    - HTML is parsed as text in tickets
    - Can't forward attachments
    - Can't use macros
  6. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.


    I agree with you, well except for the edit status and properties. It can be done, just not single click.

    Open ticket
    Click properties
    Click the arrow button at the top
    Select edit properties.

    However push, HTML contet as text, as well as the issue I raised with regards to status's that are not available to all departments not showing ticket numbers by default, make the app useless for ourselves.

    Oh and I have to say the default of swipe to delete is horrible, we don't delete tickets we close them so would be nicer to have it configurable to be swipe to edit status or even swipe to reply

    Can't wait to see where it goes.
  7. Mike Louth

    Mike Louth New Member

    That is so far removed it's no wonder I didn't find it. That arrow at the top is a reply to me!
  8. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    Oh yeah, so agree. It was only after searching for a while that I found it.

    To me the main aim of the app seems to be to delete tickets, given that you can delete from just about every screen.
  9. Mike Louth

    Mike Louth New Member

    Yeah I think so too - as it stands now it's an app to have a quick look at tickets, deleting anything that shouldn't be there, before getting to your computer.
  10. firmdot

    firmdot Member

    That's why I stopped using it. It appears Kayako decided not to invest money into iOS version by hiring not very experienced iOS developer and no graphic designer for UI. The result - useless app.
  11. atDev

    atDev Reputed Member

    We used the iPhone app for about 2 hours before realizing it simply wasn't designed well.

    1. No macros. This one seems obvious to save typing on mobile devices.
    2. It doesn't adhere to the settings we set in the Kayako admin area. Why not not just add this to your API and allow the mobile app to use it? A lot of the time we had to change the status of tickets after replying even though we have this set to be done automatically in the main Kayako settings.
    3. It was not easy to dispatch tickets to staff members. (too many steps to really be effective)
    4. Crashes on the iPad constantly.. can't even get into the app any longer.
    5. Multiple time out errors on the iPhone. Would stop refreshing after a while until we restarted the app.
    6. Can't easily tell who tickets are assigned to without clicking on them individually.
    7. Seems sluggish and slow.

    Perhaps allocate more funds to a better iOS developer(s)? Take some funds out of your budget for the fancy new office building perhaps :)
  12. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    Fixes first but it will come

    That is indeed API stuff, not the app

    How would you think it could be more effective (please send an email to iOS support)

    Working on that.

    Solved for the next version

    This was a gui decision. Maybe one that could be overcome with a setting for what should be shown in the list.

    I think you mean navigating? That has to do with some gui stuff that could/should be changed.
  13. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Thanks for the feedback everyone :)

    Please remember that this is version one, and we know we have a way to go with it and there is a lot to be done on the roadmap. Remarks about 'better developers' and budgets aren't helpful or even applicable.

    The next few updates will consolidate all of the stability improvements already discussed in this thread, and updates beyond that will incorporate new features and improvements to existing parts of the app. We're also collecting lots of feedback about the general user experience of the app, what is working and what isn't. We'll also be addressing that too. Watch this space!
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  14. atDev

    atDev Reputed Member


    The app and the API are developed by the same company. Therefore this should be planned and well thought out.

    Have an easy "Dispatch" button or icon somewhere where all we have to do is touch that and select the staff member and it automatically returns us back to the screen of tickets we were viewing.

    Version 1.0 or not, a public release should be usable which this simply isn't with all of the crashing/timeout/usability issues.

    Sure they are, if your current developers can't release a stable version 1.0 you have bigger problems not to mention the supposed BETA process you put this through failed. Simply pointing out my feelings as a paying user of your products.
  15. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    The app is currently being used by > 1000 people. We do have a number of crash reports and people saying the app isn't stable for them, but they aren't in the majority. For every poor rating we have received complaining about crashes, there are two four or five star ones.

    Unfortunately we were forced by to have limited beta coverage (100 device limit), and then not all of the the beta testers that signed up ended up doing any beta testing. Obviously, it is no excuse for Q&A issues in the end product, but it is just one of those things we have to work through. We couldn't run a public beta, and some stuff was bound to slip through the net (and did!).

    Personally (and honestly) based on my experience with other iPhone app version 1.0s, , I expected this for our own. Especially where data, volumes of data, how the data is sent by servers and over what kinds of network can vary so much.

    We're close to releasing a new update that fixes almost all of the crashes and instabilities people have reported to us so far. Fortunately they were sourced down to a common few issues.

    Thank you for your patience
  16. atDev

    atDev Reputed Member

    How do you figure? For me in the app store the app shows 11 ratings. One 5-star, one 2-star and the rest 1-star.

    It would be nice if there were updates in a timely manner. Hopefully I don't have to start my 365 day countdown timer before these items are fixed since it took years just to get to 1.0 which is in my opinion is not stable.
  17. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    iTunes will show you regional ratings only
  18. atDev

    atDev Reputed Member

  19. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    I dont think you can trick it like that, when I check the app, I see 6 ratings total, 5 with 5 star, 1 with 4 star.

  20. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    As Jamie said, we are getting close to an update. It is not done yet though and we will probably do a beta as well...
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