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Kayako Mobile for iOS available in the App Store

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Jamie Edwards, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. firmdot

    firmdot Member

    Good luck finding more beta testers. I was one of them. Every bug/issue I found (and mentioned multiple times) were ignored/not implemented. Jamie said that Marcel's Support Desk app has nothing to do with Kayako's, however look at the similarities, it's almost the same, and I noticed any new updates Marcel implements are pushed to his Support Desk app first. I agree with comments made earlier - it took 2 years to get to where we are today, this is very disappointing. I'm even tempted to get my own iOS developer and UI designer to create an amazing Kayako iOS app. Kayako LTD should be ashamed for this product and for assigning just 1 not very experienced (based on what I'm seeing) developer/designer.
  2. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    I don’t think the issue is necessary with the developer/designer from my perspective an application like this needs to be functional, looks are something you can live with as long as it is easy to use.

    What I find is that the end user (staff user of a helpdesk) was not taken into consideration the application has been designed with technical solutions in mind not the End user.

    Let’s look at simple application design, why have multiple clicks when a single click will do.

    As an example, why do I need to open a ticket, click properties, thick the Arrow at the top, select edit Properties, then the screen that looks the same as the last properties screen, however now I can click on the items and amend them, to me this is what the properties screen should just allow you to do (from an end user perspective as well as an efficiency perspective)

    The other thing that I raised on a separate thread is (what turns out to be design), is removing the ability to determine what status’s are auto populated into the mobile application form the Site administrator and put it into the hands of the Application developer.

    I understand the decision was due to load times in the application, however it would have been a lot better to put this decision with the administrators and not the developer, also a better solution would have been to limit the number of tickets loaded on first request rather than drop status’s, especially seen dropping status’s only effects helpdesks that have status’s that are not available to all departments, so if you have a lot of open tickets and open is across all departments then all of these are loaded but if you have a status of “Assigned” that is only in the “Onsite Techs Department” this is not displayed in the mobile application, but this status would never have as many tickets as open (At least in our situation).

    I hope that in a release soon usability issues are the focus, functionality is important but when it is painful to use the application the application is of no use.

    In some ways Kayako would have been better to put all time and effort into developing a Mobile Browser friendly version then all effort for WP7, Android and iOS would have been able to be addressed at once, but with the way it is now, the focus needs to be on user acceptance testing to make sure the application is easy to use as well as functional.
  3. dipe

    dipe Member

    Jamie & all,

    we have a ton of iphones and ipads and so far they all show one consistent behavior: loading data works initially but then after the 2nd or 3rd refresh it just times out. (we have about 33k tickets and 125k ticket posts in the DB which otherwise performs just fine)
    If it's version 1.0 i don't care about 3-4 crashes per day, it steals only 5-10 min from my workday to restart the app. But the timeout bug make this app 100% unusable for us. If you have a fix for that one why don't you just release it right now?

  4. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Testing and the app store approval process means we can't release every fix as soon as we make it. If we release an update, it takes a few days for Apple to approve it, so we cannot let a 'bad' fix slip out, and it is also time-effective to bundle a few fixes together before submitting the update to Apple for approval.

    We'll be posting an update soon.
  5. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    That is fixed with the next update.
  6. totalnet

    totalnet New Member

    Hi all,

    Thought i would post my experience's of the new Kayako iOS mobile app.

    The good:

    -It's free!
    -Easy setup
    -Decent UI (pull down to refresh is nice.)

    The bad:

    My biggest peeve. No notifications?? I thought this was a given. How was this not included in the first release? If i am out onsite i am not going to constantly check my Kayako inbox for new tickets...i want Kayako to display a badge on my phone (with a notification sound) telling me a new ticket (assigned to me) has been logged.
    Logging tickets: Seems very buggy. Sometimes if i add a new ticket the pop up selection list for Dept, Owner etc is blank. If i type in the subject and then go to select a Dept it often fails to change from the Keypad view to the selection list. Takes multiple taps (no its not the phone). Sometimes the ticket fails to get logged. I get a "Connection error. The return data could not be interpreted". When a ticket is logged, it appears on the phone but it never reaches the helpdesk. Because of these issues i am yet to successfully log a ticket via the app.
    The app has crashed a couple of times. No real biggie.

    Randomly lost my settings a couple of times. Again, no real problem as it is easy to setup.
    Lack of settings. For e.g cannot set the auto update period. Im not even sure how it works? Does it wait for manual updates? If so thats just crazy...
    Session expiration seems far to quick. Like a matter of minutes?

    We are running Resolve V4.40.986. I know it's not the latest, however the changelog for 1079 does not suggest any fixes for Kayako Mobile so we have not bothered updating yet.

    Anyway, take this as constructive critisism. I know its a first release, but we have been waiting for this since V3 and its a pretty dissapointing release after all this time.


  7. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    Notifcations would be cool for all the mobile apps, but notify by email (to text alert) works fine for now.
    A text alert shows enough to judge whether to run K mobile for details.
  8. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    At least two competitors took that route, but there must be some downside to it.
    One major advantage is the feature set is consistent across all platforms and anything new goes out to all mobile users at the same time.
  9. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    It is worth looking into.
    The most important downside is imho 'not native', always in need of an internet connection (even for browsing through your tickets) and, until not too long ago, not being able to work with a local database although I believe that that is possible now.
  10. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    When I resume the app I'd like to see a spinning wheel showing me the screen is refreshing.

    Scrolling and moving around is choppy, not sure why it's not a smooth experience...

    I don't know what the "refreshing" is on the account settings, please use the section footer to explain your features better in the UITableView.

    I would expect more control over a ticket other than seemingly just replying. I've only used it to view a ticket so far. I would like to change properties such as assign a ticket, change a ticket priority or status, etc.

    Add ticket notes

    It is VERY basic in its current form, appreciated, but you can do so much better and I'm sure you will.
  11. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    You can change properties, it's just not initiative. Open ticket, select properties, click on what Looks like the reply button (the arrow at the top on iPhone) then select edit properties. It works. It is so non user friendly
  12. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    It should do that but the mechanism is improved for the next version.
    There is a reason for that and we will have to make some decisions on how to work around that but that is probably not going to happen for the next version
    Good suggestion, can be done in a future version.
    You can edit properties. Use the 'action button' for that. Top right on iPhone, bottom right on iPad.
    Already possible as with billing. Use the 'action button' for that.
    Sure, we already pro-actively did better than you assumed ;) And we will do in the future. This was v1.0.0.
  13. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    Two places to add notes as with the Web Application;

    Ticket > Notes > "Action Button" > add note. (displays on the General Tab in web applicaiton)
    Tickets > Billing > "Action Button" > Add Billing (Note is inbuilt with billing screen), (Displays on the Billing Tab)
  14. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    1) Word casing inconsistent. Look in Settings and your row text "Add new Helpdesk" should be "Add New Helpdesk" - i.e. word casing. "Contact Kayako support" => "Contact Kayako Support". Is it "Helpdesk" or "Help Desk"? One word or two?
    2) In adding a new help desk, when tapping into Name field "untitled" should go away so I don't have to clear it
    3) Enter the URL to your help desk…should be section footer and not separate section
    4) "Refreshing" - no idea what this is for, add footer to help educate
    5) Add link to documentation to view from within the app. Or bundle a PDF with the app and view it in the app
    6) "Enable ascending sorting" should be "Sort Ascending"
    7) Initial view of help desk did not have ticket counts. I viewed inbox, there were none showing and I knew there should be some. Required pull to refresh to appear. This should not be required. Use background updating of ticket counts, when viewing an inbox or department refresh on view
    8) When viewing properties of a ticket I should be able to tap to edit inline, then prompt to save/cancel
    9) When viewing Notes of a ticket, I expect to see a + button to add a new note. On the bottom right you're using a poor choice of symbol, an "undo" arrow
    10) Add ticket button on bottom right of department list - should use a button with a caption instead I presume, otherwise you have to tap to discover what it does, not intuitive
    11) Add new ticket popup does not size contents properly. See screenshot, why should the UITableView be scrollable if it's not filling it's parent container?
    12) Choppy interface, something very wrong with the UI here.
    13) Tapping the root/top of the department list requires two taps for action. One tap should collapse, another tap to expand - not working properly.
    14) I suggest turning off the Apple glass effect on your icon, investigate UIPrerenderIcon (YES) I believe it is
    15) I would remove the "http" from the URL of the help desk in Settings as it's assumed. Then add a on/off switch for "Use SSL" and then you can auto-set HTTPS instead of HTTP in code

    Jamie Edwards likes this.
  15. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    Hi Neal,

    That is good feedback :)
    Thank you very much for that!
    I am sure Jamie will add it a couple of items the list (I even believe some stuff is already in there).

    However, what I am looking for right now is stability on (mainly) iPad.
    This release is mostly about maintenance.
    The next release (very soon after that) will be about UI and UX stuff.

    BTW, out of curiosity, why are you so 'against' the glass effect? And, isn't that very very subjective ;)

    Again a big thank you,

  16. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    Not a lot of people know they can turn off the glass effect. In some ways an icon looks better without it, you've already done the art work, why have Apple's effects added? It's up to you. You have a great icon already, it may "pop" better (stand out) without the effect. Up to y'all. :)
  17. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    As to the feedback, I won't be using the app that often to really gauge stability, not sure how many do use this "most of the time" vs. the browser.
  18. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    I am not one of those people but I (we) just haven't considered turning off the effect :)

    OK, thanks for your feedback anyway.
  19. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    So far it seems very stable to me ( although I am testing on Iphone and not Ipad )

    I used to have massive issues adding tickets via the app ( not that I do it often, so was not too worried about it ) but this release has adding tickets done very easy, although I have noticed a slight bug I think. When you create the ticket, it asks for users email, which I tap it, then it asks do I wish to create ticket as user, or email.

    If I pick create ticket, the new ticket shows up in kayako, but the first post shows up as a staff member and not the user
    so I tried the send email option, this ticket shows up as a user, but their "name" is the same as their email address, so it was not smart enough to grab the uesrs actual name from our kayako database ( its listing all their previous tickets, just not their name )

    another excellent improvement, I have not had one crash out yet, and I have been playing around trying to break it all day lol

  20. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    iPhone is equally important although the stability was better on iPhone as iPad.
    Gary, do you mind sending this to ios-support at kayako dot com as well so I have it in my workflow?
    Great, keep on doing that. Moving back and forth in combination with synchronizing was what, for some users, made it break (unfortunately not for Kayako staff)...
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