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Kayako Mobile for iOS Beta 1.0.2 sent to beta testers

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Jamie Edwards, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    The first beta for Kayako Mobile for iOS 1.0.2 has been sent to beta testers (landing in inboxes now).

    We have focused on architectural improvements in this update, mainly related to how we have implemented sliding panels on the iPad. Most things work the same, but better:
    • Implemented new sliding panel framework and and physics
    • Substantial performance improvements (ie opening tickets, sliding panels)
    • Smoother animations (account, ticket and ticket post list scrolling)
    • Fixed property list truncation when keyboard in view
    • Cosmetic tweaks
    • Clear button ('x') on text fields
    • Automatic sync when adding a new account
  2. SteveLV702

    SteveLV702 Kayako Guru

    I don't like how have to do Add Reply type reply then go to edit properties to change status to "Awaiting Customer Reply" should have the ability to automatically choose the staff reply status.
  3. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    Hi Steve,

    Apart from that. Do you see any crashes or other issues (showstoppers) with the iPhone or iPad?
  4. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Marcel,

    I have been testing this since it was released ( usually you can assume with me no feedback is positive! )

    I have noticed it is much faster after than the current release ( at least it seemed that way to me )

    No crashes, everything has been working spot on :)

    Marcel Trapman and Jamie Edwards like this.
  5. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    Hi Gary,

    Thank you for your feedback and glad you noticed the improvements :)

  6. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Thanks for the feedback everyone :)
  7. Rich Chadwick

    Rich Chadwick Member


    Smooth so far on iPhone bout I am having install issues on iPad. Starting only the last two versions I have started to install then a "cannot be installed" message comes up with a choice to cancel or retry. Retry fails even after several reboots. Gray blank icon remains on the screen. I really want to test this on iPad based on the changes you have made. Thanks
  8. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi Rich

    That might be an issue with our UDID list, or you may have been mistakenly removed if our tracking system hadn't registered your activity. However, it is being sent to Apple for approval today and we will be moving to a new beta testing system after this release. That will involve asking everyone to re-register for the beta, which will hopefully solve your problem (whatever may be causing it).
  9. Rich Chadwick

    Rich Chadwick Member


    Sounds good. Thanks
  10. SteveLV702

    SteveLV702 Kayako Guru

    ya no issues here either

    Ya should use TestFlightApp :)
  11. bigrossco

    bigrossco Member

    hay Jamie

    loving the update and working great, sure am enjoying tihs
    Jamie Edwards likes this.
  12. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Thanks again for the feedback! Don't forget to leave an App Store rating (especially if you enjoy it ;)).
  13. atDev

    atDev Reputed Member

    How can we BETA test this?

    Did you fix the problems of having way too many steps to perform specific actions and making the app adhere to the main helpdesk settings?
  14. SteveLV702

    SteveLV702 Kayako Guru

    on a bright note app still works on iOS 6 Beta :)
  15. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    When you did not enter the program you can not beta test it. We are limited to 100 testers.

    No, this involves an API change before it can be added but I will put it on the list of feature requests.
  16. FrankSmith

    FrankSmith Established Member

    Its finally useable !!!!!

    Been using since released and only had 4 timeouts
    Jamie Edwards likes this.
  17. Marcel Trapman

    Marcel Trapman iOS Developer Staff Member

    Hi Frank, glad you can use it now.

    Question: 4 timeouts since using the new release or old release?

    When it is with the new release, timeouts should not happen.
    So my question would be what your timeout settings are?
  18. firmdot

    firmdot Member

    I agree, finally useable! Was testing on iPhone.
    Now if it only looked polished (hire a designer) and usability was taken into consideration...
  19. SteveLV702

    SteveLV702 Kayako Guru

    now usable? been useable for me since the very first beta...
  20. Drew Keller

    Drew Keller Just one person in a world of millions.

    I think by usable, they are referring to timeouts and crashes that has been seen in previous versions. I agree it is usable and has been, it's just not polished and simplified usability has not been allowed for. There are so many examples of 2 clicks or more where 1 should be possible. As per your example above Steve, let alone hen editing properties etc. An I still find it strange that Delete is available from almost every screen, really how many people delete tickets.

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