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Kayako OnSite error

Discussion in 'Kayako Desktop' started by freesade, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. freesade

    freesade New Member


    When sending the link to costumer and try to start session the desktop application give me the following e error:

    Successfully initialized Jingle library
    Warning(physicalsocketserver.cc:1555): PhysicalSocketServer got FD_CONNECT_BIT error 10061
    Error(kjingle.cpp:194): XMPP error 11: 'Socket error', subcode: 10061
    An XMPP error occurred (11): 'Socket error'

    Can some on suggest me in what can be trouble? I tried different versions of Kayako Desktop,different computer, all kind of antivirus and firewall are disabled.

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  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi there,

    In your admin CP, settings, onsite settings. please change XMPP port from 443 to 2567

    Note once you change this, you will need to completely close and reopen KD for it to take effect.

  3. freesade

    freesade New Member

    Thank you for help, it's works.
  4. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    Is this documented somewhere? This just bit me too. I don't recall seeing this in any release notes, or anything to info Kayako admins
  5. NC Software

    NC Software Member

    Why didn't the 4.69 installer change this?

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