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Kayako SupportSuite + aMember working but there is no name in the modul list, but wor

Discussion in 'Customizing, extending and styling Kayako 3' started by mikica123, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. mikica123

    mikica123 Member


    I made Kayako SupportSuite + aMember working but there is no name in the modul list, but this together are working.

    I should be glad that everithing is working, but this little thing anoys me as if it ask for trouble sometimes in future.

    Do you know what I am talking about? I didnt know what was I doing but with someone posting old amember.login.php script a managed to get it work on my site, that is to user dont have to register to make new ticket but only enters his amember username(not email) and password to login, and he can make changes to his Tickets.

    I have few questions:
    1. Is there a way to disable user registrations on Kayako center
    2. I have set some incremented number in the loginshare.config.php to 350?? I dont know way? I just did. Is this OK? and copied its prefix data to set it with AMEMBER name, is this OK?
    define( "LOGINAPI_MODERNBILLV5", 119 );
    define( "LOGINAPI_TICKETPURCHASER", 200 );
    define( "LOGINAPI_CSCART", 210 );
    define( "LOGINAPI_FSR", 220 );
    define( "LOGINAPI_VIPERCART", 230 );
    define( "LOGINAPI_XOOPS", 235 );
    define( "LOGINAPI_AMEMBER", 350 );

    //and then didnt touch folowing code snipet:
    "title" => $_SWIFT['language']['defaultloginapi'],
    "include" => "default.login.php"

    // but just added this at the bottom:
    "title" => $_SWIFT['language']['loginapi_amember'],
    "include" => "amember.login.php"

    Is this going to be stable to let it work on commercial website?

    What bothers me is that under:Templates>LoginShare>modul list for group
    I can not see Amember name (as shown in attachment picture) but other modules are normaly listed, like: ModernBill, vBulletin etc. it is just empty slot where aMember name should be. I thought that after selecting empty name setting for populating database name and data it wont work, but it does!
    Now.... how do I fix this, or I dont? And what number should be instead of 350?

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  2. craigbrass

    craigbrass Experienced Member

    1. Staff CP -> Users -> Groups -> Guests. Also, make sure to select the LoginShare in Admin CP -> Manage Groups -> Settings to assign it to that template group.
    2. This is because you have not added the text to the language file. I would not worry about it as the customer never gets to see the module name anyway.
  3. mikica123

    mikica123 Member

    Thank you so much!

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