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Kayako v4.40 and PHPBB 3 - login share

Discussion in 'LoginShare' started by user_2008, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. user_2008

    user_2008 New Member


    I am looking for a professional developer that I can speak with on the phone/skype.

    to quote me on a login share.

    The requirement is this:

    Users must register on kayako first.
    Once we confirm them as a user we change their USERGROUP so they can see the whole helpdesk.

    Once we change their usergroup - this is the point in which we want them to have a login to the forum.

    any reset password or registration anything will need to be done on kayako.
    the phpbb forum will be private and exclusive to registered members.

    we can not give you access to our server - so you will need to provide instructions.

    I am ready today to get this done - please contact me thru this forum with a quote or more questions.
    You will need to prove you are a business or a professional with history/profile before I would consider you for the job. No offense but I am in the business for 9 years and wont deal with "anonymous" providers.

  2. Technocrat

    Technocrat Established Member

    I know this is rather old but did you ever find someone to do this for you?
  3. user_2008

    user_2008 New Member

    no its not been done - have you a solution?
  4. Technocrat

    Technocrat Established Member

    Well I need to tie phpBB3 to my Kayako at some point. What you are looking to do isn't terribly difficult, though different from what I need. I assume you want Kayako to basically handle everything and phpBB3 to be purely a forum?
  5. user_2008

    user_2008 New Member


    I would like to have Kayako e the master and have phpbb be a forum. users must sign in thru helpdesk to get to the forum. The forum retains all its permissions and functionality with the exception of user/pass. If a user forgets the user pass or wants to reset it - they will have to do it thru kayako.

    only certain user groups in kayako will enable the forum login. - this is because anyone can register at kayako (which is fine) but then we move them to a new group with more permissions. I would want the group that a user is in to enable the forum access.

    thats all ideal - thoughts?
  6. Technocrat

    Technocrat Established Member

    Seems easy enough. I assume that your forum and Kayko are on the same server and can hit the same directories?
  7. Technocrat

    Technocrat Established Member

    Hmm, well this was a bit more complicated than I thought. Kayako doesn't like being remotely accessed like it needs to be for this to work. But I was able to "hack" it to make it work.

    Basically the way this works is phpBB3 authenticates all your users against Kayako. It will check if they are enabled, or in a particular group(s) that you would want them to be. After they are authenticated then everything else is controlled by phpBB3, forum and post rights, colors, etc.

    Here is the one issue you will need to be aware of. ALL your users will then have to be in Kayako. This includes admin and moderators for phpBB.

    The only thing I am not sure if I can make work or not is the ability to have cross over sessions. That means that if a user logs in to Kayako first they will not need to do it again in phpBB3. Right now they would have to login to both sites separately. I am working on that part of it but I am not sure I can get those to translate. So if that doesn't matter to you then I will stop worrying about it.

    So if you are interested in this mod let me know. You can start a private conversation if you would like and I will give you a number of references from other projects that I have worked on in the past if you want. I have done a lot of big name projects and my name has been in the PHP community for about 8 years. I am also took over another project for Kayako:
    So I am not some 10 year kid with no experience.

    Anyways let me know
  8. Andy Huynh

    Andy Huynh Member

    Technocrat, I am interested in this mod where when a user login to kayako -> from click onto their widget that it authenticate to phpbb. is that possible?
  9. Technocrat

    Technocrat Established Member

    I am not 100% on what you are asking me. I am assuming you want a user login to authenticate to phpbb3? I am not sure what you mean by widget? Do you mean loginshare?
  10. Andy Huynh

    Andy Huynh Member

    I want to know how a user who logon to kayako will automatically authenticate to phpBB. We want phpbb being using Kayako login database.
    We currently removed phpbb registration.
  11. Andy Huynh

    Andy Huynh Member

    in kayako you can use a widget to link to your forum website, which that is where we point our phpbb forum. now when a user login to kayako, can they automatically authenticate thru phpbb?
  12. Technocrat

    Technocrat Established Member

    To your first point, I wrote that already. But its been over a year and it might not work, so it might need some updating. It also might not work anymore, because I had to hack it to make it work. Kayako doesn't allow direct authentication that I could find. Even the ticket I opened asking for that hasn't been updated.

    I didn't end up using phpBB. So I can give you the code that I have at this point and you can work on it. Or I can try to figure out how to make it work if you would like to pay me for my time.

    To your second point, I am not sure if that is possible. I would have to investigate it. The problem is that both sites use different sessions. So it might not work.
  13. Andy Huynh

    Andy Huynh Member

    right but there's people that i've read have done sharing login session between the two
  14. Technocrat

    Technocrat Established Member

    Like I said it might be possible, but I have no knowledge of it since I didnt continue with phpBB
  15. Andy Huynh

    Andy Huynh Member

    well what's a good free forum that you know integrate with kayako ?

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