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KD STABLE - Can't even log in due to "Unhandled exception"

Discussion in 'Kayako Desktop' started by Mark Crouch (Apak), Aug 15, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    When Kayako Desktop loads, it tries to log in to our Kayako (Case) server, but throws an error. I've attached the log file - it looks like it's trying to do something with Livechat, which is not enabled in Kayako Case, so maybe that's why.......???

    Any suggestions gratefully received :)



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  2. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi Mark

    That's exactly why - Kayako Desktop is for Kayako Fusion and Kayako Engage, i.e. the Kayako plans with live chat and voice.

    We could make this error more descriptive though, thanks for flagging that up :)

    Question: What were you aiming to achieve with Kayako Desktop and your helpdesk if not live chat and voice?

  3. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for the "solution".....I hadn't figured that Desktop was only for the higher plans - I assumed it would work with any version and either ignore the server features that weren't present, or at least allow you to turn them off/on as required.

    Answer: The thinking was that having a dedicated application open to administer tickets would make it easier than trying to find the right tab in your browser. Our helpdesk staff, who would be using Kayako (as we _try_ to migrate existing users over), are currently dealing with requests via phone, email, fax, Jira (internal user requests) and "users wandering in"!! They probably also have browser tabs (IE/FF/Chrome - pick your weapon!) open to several Jira projects, to any number of our hosted customer applications...and many, many more!!

    If Desktop could be changed so that it worked with Case - and just greyed out or removed the non-functioning bits - then that would be AWESOME :D. Kayako Desktop Lite, anyone ;)


  4. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hey Mark

    So the staff control panel can be opened inside of Kayako Desktop, but it literally is just a built-in web browser. This is useful to automatically pull up customer records when a call comes in, for example, but there are some compromises: we can't recreate the full browser experience exactly, so your team would probably be more comfortable using their favourite browser to access the staff control panel.

    Outside of live chat and phone, Kayako Desktop doesn't have much to add - so you're not missing out on anything there :) Hope this helps!
  5. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    As a Fusion user I have a different take on this.
    It is MANY TIMES EASIER for operators to handle customers using KD than opening multiple browser windows or tabs.
    KD provides the structure you need to monitor and manage tickets and other functions, not just chats or SIP phone.
    Once you use KD for everything you realize how working from a browser is confusing and inefficient compared to KD tabs.
    It's too bad KD is not better integrated with Case and the built-in Chromium browser can't handle everything you need.
  6. @masterctrl1 - thanks for the support, nice to know someone else feels the same :)

    Jamie, I get what you're saying, but from what I remember of KD (from when I tried a previous version against our Fusion eval.), it lists all the open tickets by department in a folder tree like the Microsoft Outlook folder tree....that's how I want to be able to manage the open tickets. We'll be getting tickets logged by our customers via the user ticket creation function, then the helpdesk staff need to see which customers have logged tickets and which ones (according to SLA's) need to be dealt with first.

    Maybe when Kayako Desktop 5.x is released, there will be a lean and mean version for us Case users :)

    Thanks for the replies.


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