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Completed Knowledgebase suggestions and search in live chat

Discussion in 'Kayako product feedback and suggestions' started by masterctrl1, Aug 19, 2011.

  1. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

    When you add live chat to your helpdesk, you invariably get clients who will start a chat instead of searching the KB first. Some are literally incapable of searching the KB anyway.
    It would be handy (and logical) to have the same KB search functions in chat.
    If not practical to activate within the pre-chat form, at least integrate and automate the search in KD or the Staff CP. So when you engage a chat session, you are armed with the probable resolution from the get-go.

    Currently you have to open another browser window, then cut-paste-search the KB, then cut-paste back again. This is cumbersome at best and a huge waste of staff member's time.

    Ideally you want suggested answers shown to the site visitor when they fill out the pre-chat form. Howwever, this will only work for public KB articles. In our case, most articles are private so this function should be available in KD or Staff CP as soon as you engage the chat session. From there, either the search routine launches automatically, or there should be a button to intiate KB search and display the results. Then offer three options for delivery

    Option A - Push entire article as the chat response. [good for short articles]

    Option B - Push the article link instead ("The answer to your question can be found in this KB article link: <url>." [good for long articles]

    Option C- Email the article to the chat visitor ("An article on our KB answers your question, but is too long to post here. Can I email the article to <emailaddress from pre-chat>?" [good for long articles and/or when visitor does not have login credentials to view the KB]

    On a related note, adding a chat session to the KB as a draft should be a one-click option as well.
    So when you don't find the answer you need, you can start a new KB article with default setting of draft/staff visible only/pending edit and publish.
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  2. nibb

    nibb Reputed Member

    PLEASE ADD THIS. This suggestions are really important so the chat makes any sense at all.

    I would also add let you drag and drop files or images to the chat windows. I usually have to transfer images to the chat side, and it would be so much easier and faster just taking the image and releasing it over the chat window instead of having to do all the steps to select it manually.
  3. factor

    factor Member

    Very interested on this too, has any advance been made? over a year, and it's very logic.

  4. adr132

    adr132 Established Member

    Looking for the push KB link in chat... Can't understand why this isn't already included...
  5. Buchtič_ESET

    Buchtič_ESET Member

  6. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Staff Member

    Hi folks

    The new Kayako Messenger in the new Kayako supports in-line Help Center searches, which proactively tries to find an answer based on the first line in a conversation:


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