Latest Kayako Desktop Update (12/12/2016)

Discussion in 'Using the new Kayako' started by Steven Keclik, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. Steven Keclik

    Steven Keclik Member

    We've recently updated our version of Kayako Desktop (fix of 12/12/2016) and since doing so have experienced some issues.

    - We're unable to pick up chat requests from users.
    - Chat requests made from other members of staff (which can be seen) can't be responded to (other staff member doesn't see responses typed).
    - Whilst reviewing Tickets we see a whirling wheel in the tab header suggesting the display is still loading.

    Is anyone else experiencing similar ?

  2. masterctrl1

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  3. Steven Keclik

    Steven Keclik Member

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