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LDAP/AD Integration seems to be lacking

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Christos, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Christos

    Christos Member

    Hello All,

    We are a large company with about 300 staff and a ton of customers.
    We are taking a serious look at Kayako but find that there is no native LDAP or AD integration with the product that is authored by Kayako themselves. Seems one has to use third party code via Loginshare and I don't see any recent activity for these modules (are they even being supported anymore?). Who is vetting this code from a security standpoint? Is Kayako testing this to ensure compatibility with their upgrade process? What happens when the author disappears and no longer supports the module?

    We need the ability to authenticate our users and customers via groups already built into our LDAP/AD environment rather than trying to manage this via Kayako users/departments which is a nightmare. we have simply outgrown this method of trying to manage Kayako and are looking for better ways to approve users for specific departments. As an example, Atlassian Confluence has nice LDAP integration and allows imports of groups/users for authentication and works nicely for us.

    I'm just wondering if this is something Kayako is considering building natively into Kayako in the very near future.

    Looking for any feedback about this issue.

    Thank you,
  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Chris,

    We do have Loginshare scripts we share with customers for AD, the one from the community is also very good ( I've checked and used that one myself )

    We do have plans to make AD integration easier, but it will likely be with our next major release we would work on it, as the new abilities with the API would make the integration more user friendly.

  3. Christos

    Christos Member

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for your reply.

    So is this code supported by Kayako Support if I have issues with it, say with an upgrade or something? If it is I would be willing to try it out if you send me a URL for it.

  4. Hi Gary:
    Any news on when this is going to become available? We currently use Kayako and find the integration with AD to be somewhat painful.
  5. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi Brandon,

    We are testing the next version at the moment, you can see it live on our support site ( support.kayako.com )

    We will be looking to start a beta soon ( currently in Alpha testing )

  6. Which looks ok from the user end, but what about the staff perspective?
  7. Torbjörn S.

    Torbjörn S. Reputed Member

    I am using the one from forge but I cant get it to work with php 5.6.
    I am interested in looking at the script you share with customers if you could please share it.
    Thanks in advance.
  8. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    What error are you getting? it is likely you will get the same error using the one we provide too, as you configure them both the same way.

  9. Torbjörn S.

    Torbjörn S. Reputed Member

    When I changed to php 5.6 and tried to login I get this errormessage:
    Invalid data provided: 1

    In the errorlog in Kayako it says:
    Empty data received for Staff loginshare plugin

    I haven't checked the php.ini if it differs in any way.

    I found that this was missing from the php.ini on 5.6


    added that and now it works. :)
    Last edited: May 10, 2016
    Gary McGrath likes this.
  10. cdemots

    cdemots New Member

    Is the best way to perform AD authentication still LoginShare?
    I'm running 4.78.1 (or will be starting tomorrow after upgrade from 4.75).

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