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Discussion in 'Feedback and suggestions' started by David Heremans, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Why can't we have a chat system built in the staff control panel, eliminating the need to install kayako desktop to being able to chat with our clients?
    Sometimes, we're on location, and we can log into our staff CP as it is all web based. It's a pity that you require all staff to install the desktop client (which is only available on Windows, and doesn't work on Wine on my Mac), while it might make sense plugging it in to the staff system (something like Facebook would be good...)

    I understand it will not support onSite, but it would be able to support most other features you built into the chat client now...
  2. ashtek

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    Totally agree, with a lack of support for OSX it would give mac users the ability to at least chat with the client.
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  4. paul-s-

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    We don't have Fusion, only Resolve, but I would consider paying for an option/module in Resolve as stand alone internal chat and messaging so you could chat quickly to other staff users who are also logged on (not clients obviously). We work remotely and use MSN/Skype, but the ability to do this in the system whilst working on tickets together would be excellent. (crossing fingers!)
  5. bmcbride

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    This would be a very useful feature.
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  7. Robert Wright

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    I am only the messenger for this request.

    Company management think it would be wonderful if all users of the web interface could also participate in chat requests. I can see where this would have its advantages, but I also understand that this is something that may never come about.

    So, here is the official request:

    We would like to know if it is possible to allow the web interface users to chat with our customers?
  8. Szentmarjay Tibor

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    That would be a nice feature especially because some guys from our staff team use Linux desktops.
  9. Floyd

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    That would be the best option. It would eliminate a lot of the issues we have with staff members who run operating systems outside of Windows.
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    wow- how crazy is this.
    I stopped using kayako partly because of this still not working - just set up a new version today (well - this week, as it apparently takes three days to get all the issues sorted)
    Guess what - all my frustrations, including this one - are still there.

    Is kayako still under development? Is this an EOL product? Is there a roadmap?
    It's beyond believe that in 4+ years (in fact 7+ since we didn't get it up and running back in 2011) so little has happened.

    Is kayako yet another company that just likes to cash in on the recurring revenue, but does not invest in new development with that money?
    Such a disappointment to have paid the support and upgrades renewal fee now :(
  14. Geeshan

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    I wish they had a RoadMap. I was really hoping the NEW Kayako would be amazing, but I keep coming across instances where they taken out so many features from Kayako Classic, that it's become more work for our team then anything else.
  15. solidius

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    I wish this Feature in the Andoird App, so that i can Chat with the Customers over my Android Phone.

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