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Discussion in '(Archive) Product related' started by Varun Shoor, Apr 12, 2005.

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  1. Varun Shoor

    Varun Shoor Chief Kayaker Staff Member

    Today, I will start showing the much awaited LiveResponse Windows Application. Unlike LiveResponse v2, In LiveResponse v3 you have an option to use both the Windows Application and a Web Based Interface, but the Web Based interface is not as feature rich as the Windows application.

    We have introduced some new killer features into the application which we believe will not only help you assist your customers better but also increase collaboration. Features like VoIP, ViewShare, Conferencing etc are an industry first. (I will get to them one by one later on). We have spent close to 8 months developing this Windows application and the end result has been just fantastic :)

    We have given close attention to usage of server resources in this application and tested it with sites having in excess of 200 visitors online at a time with about 10 concurrent staff members. The load never moved over 0.05 which is quite impressive if you compare it with other solutions in which case your server would have probably gone bust by handling so many visitors and staff.

    The Winapp is provided with both SupportWorks & LiveResponse at NO ADDITIONAL cost, Nothing, Zilch, Zero. I would personally add that you have to experience this to believe what I am saying over here. (Which will be soon!).

    The above screenshot shows the first window that you see when you install the Winapp.

    Here you enter the full install path to the product installation along with your Username and Password.

    Some basic Filtering Options and Port Settings related to ViewShare & VoIP

    Yes, Even the Winapp is completely multi-lingual. Unlike v2 where only the client area was multi-lingual, We have made EVERY part of v3 multi-lingual. Client Area, Admin CP, Staff CP, Winapp, InstaAlert, SyncWorks.. EVERYTHING.

    The Main LR Window with Monitor Panel area selected.

    The UI is customizable a lot. You can change everything to suit your needs, Remove Sections, Customize Toolbars, Skins, Docking Panels.

    I will start with the Settings, To give you an idea of how flexible this application is. This screenshot shows the settings you saw earlier in Setup wizard but also has other settings to check regarding idle time and busy chats.

    This screenshot shows the Display tab. You can Add/Remove columns in Grid and also choose the themes for the application.

    This screenshot shows the Native Windows theme applied to the application.

    Shows the Alerts tab. Apart from Enabling/Disabling Popup alerts you can also customize the Sound files for them.

    This screenshot shows the Chat settings tab. You can enable/disable the InstaSearch toolbar. The InstaSearch toolbar allows you to lookup Knowledgebase articles right in the chat window. Other than that its the VoIP Port & Volume Settings.

    We will show the rest of tabs tommorrow along with the ripper features we have added in visitor monitoring. You will be surprised how much you can know about your site visitors using this app.


    Varun Shoor
  2. tickedon

    tickedon Member

    Looks very... Outlook like ;)

    I do like it however :) Looks very feature rich. Please just make sure it's not a resource hog. Some "competitors" solutions take up so much ram that they can make your pc unusable if you try and do anything else!
  3. TonyBaird

    TonyBaird New Member

    Looks amazing I can't wait!
  4. reservproperty

    reservproperty New Member

    I am speechless...
  5. elephant

    elephant New Member

    Incredible! Cant wait... Am like a little kid checking the forums for updates!

    If you spare cycle, the

    1) ViewShare technology is complete, This allows you to guide your clients by displaying realtime updates of your desktop VNC style but without any need of seperate Controls (All done through some tricky JS and DHTML)

    Will this allow us to remotely control someones computer like UltraVNC/VNC? Any details to feed the apetite?
  6. Neil-UKWSD

    Neil-UKWSD Kayako Guru


    Viewshare does not allow you to control a users system, it will however allow you to walk them through a procedure from your own system (basically showing them what to do from your own system).
  7. macdock

    macdock New Member

    Eh, it 's OK I guess. Would be better if it ran on a secure system like Linux or Mac OS X, but I know you had to go based on "number of users" and not on "quality of the OS".

  8. Varun Shoor

    Varun Shoor Chief Kayaker Staff Member

    We do have a Web Based Interface for all the Linux & Max OS X Users.


    Varun Shoor
  9. Yizi

    Yizi Member

    i can't see the screen shots. :(
  10. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

    This is a very old post, much before v3 was released. You can view the product screenshots now at
  11. bear

    bear Reputed Member

    And with that, closed.
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