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LoginShare duplicate email addresses

Discussion in 'LoginShare' started by Dave S., May 29, 2015.

  1. Dave S.

    Dave S. Member

    I am working on a test environment, I setup the PHP AD LDAP Authenticator and enabled LoginShare for Staff only, which is how we intend to use it.
    It is working just fine authenticating, logs in and it creates a new profile. Problem is that it pulls in the email address into the new profile so now I have two profiles with the same email address and any changes I try to make to either user throws an error saying there is an account with that email address.

    How can the Authenticator be setup so it looks for the email and merge into that existing user rather than creating another user with a duplicate email account OR what other options are there so this issue does not surface for everyone?
  2. Dave S.

    Dave S. Member

    I figured it out, in case anyone needs this information. I had to go in and change the user name within Kayako for each individual to match the AD user name that would be used and now when someone logins for the first time it utilizes that existing profile rather than creating a new one.
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