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Looking for a way to keep Kayako from sending me an email when a scheduled report contains no data

Discussion in 'Developing, APIs and extending' started by Dan Coistek, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Dan Coistek

    Dan Coistek Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Love that I have the ability to schedule reports in Kayako and have them emailed to me. The problem is that over the course of almost two years, I find myself having 20+ reports that run daily to assist me with maintaining the integrity of our data and overall health of our help desk.

    I know there is no setting in Kayako to tell it not to send me an email when there are no results from a report but does anyone happen to know if files can be modified in order to change this behavior? In the end I want emails to be generated if there is data returned for a report and if not, just don't send the email.

    Any help is appreciated.


  2. Sukhpreet Kaur

    Sukhpreet Kaur Staff Member

    Hello Dan,

    You can use {if} statement to keep a check on attachment content while helpdesk sends the email for scheduled report. What you can do is, you can make the modifications in the code file __apps/reports/models/Schedule/class.SWIFT_ReportSchedule.php

    Look out for the function: public function Execute() ; and add {if} condition to check if the attachment contains the data or not, and then call upon the SendMail() object.

    I hope this will help to achieve your requirements.

    Sukhpreet Anand
  3. Dan Coistek

    Dan Coistek Member

    Thank you. I got a chance to look at this and it worked perfectly. For anyone interested:


    On Line 341 cut the following code:


    In the if statement right above, about line 336, paste it back in. You If statement will now look like this:

    if (empty($_errorMessage)) {

    $_SWIFT_MailObject->Attach($_fileContainer['content'], $_fileContainer['mime-type'], $_fileContainer['filename']);



    Now you not receive an email if there are no attachments.

    Thanks for your help Sukhpreet.

  4. Oisin McGillicuddy

    Oisin McGillicuddy New Member

    @Sukhpreet, is there a solution to this problem on a hosted Kayako solution?

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