1. Kayako Download customers: we will continue to develop and support Kayako Download beyond July 2017, alongside the new Kayako for existing customers.

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Looking for Kayako Classic specialist (The Netherlands)

Discussion in 'Using Kayako Classic' started by Lisa for Omnitailers, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Our customer service departement still uses the classic version of Kayako (Fusion) eventhough Kayako doesn't offer any technical support on it anymore. We've decided to keep on using this version instead of going for an update, but we would like to find out if we could make better use of the version we have. Currently we sense that we're not using all the functionalities due to a lack of knowledge about the system.

    Therefore we're looking for someone, preferably in the Netherlands, that knows this version thoroughly and could share his (or her!) knowledge with us. A specialist, that could take our knowledge & skills to the next level.

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,

  2. bear

    bear Kayako Guru

    They claim they do. Just an FYI. I seem to recall the previous end date was December of 2017, however, but they're known for changing actual dates like that.
    "Kayako Download customers: we will continue to develop and support Kayako Download beyond July 2017, alongside the new Kayako for existing customers."
  3. supportskins

    supportskins Kayako Guru

    We are not based in Netherlands but I believe we can meet all your requirements. Let me know if you are interested.
  4. cliff

    cliff Established Member

    They have since reversed that. I got this email from them:


    When we launched the new, cloud-only Kayako in July 2016, we also announced an end-of-life (EOL) for Kayako Download.

    I'm writing to let you know that we are cancelling the EOL for KayakoDownload, and we will continue to develop and support KayakoDownload alongside the new Kayako in the cloud.

    As part of these plans, to gain access to future product updates and support, you’ll need to switch your legacy license to our new continued support plan.

    A new continued support plan

    We have introduced a new continued support subscription plan for customers who want to continue receiving support and access to new updates for Kayako Download.

    This pricing for this new plan is simple: just $15 per staff user per month for Kayako Case and Kayako Engage, and $20 per staff user per month for Kayako Fusion, on annual billing.

    With this commitment, we will be able to continue supporting and developing Kayako Download.

    In addition to securing ongoing support and development, this new plan also guarantees your discount (more than 80%) for the new Kayako in the cloud, whenever you choose to upgrade.

    If you do not wish to continue receiving new updates and support for Kayako Download, you do not need to switch to the new subscription. You can let your existing support period lapse (or until July 2017, whichever comes sooner), and continue using Kayako without access to support or updates.

    Renew your license today and receive 10% off

    Renew your license (pathlabtalk.net - 5683255_dpe_1) before the 20th February to secure a 10% discount on the new continued support plan for the lifetime of your subscription.

    Renew and secure 10% off »

    Why we announced an end-of-life, and then reversed it

    Even as the Kayako Classic platform expanded in capabilities, breadth and depth, we have always grandfathered the prices our customers on legacy renewal pricing plans.

    With the vast majority of our customers choosing our cloud solution, the costs of supporting an on-premise platform as well as the cloud became disproportionate and unsustainable for us as a business to continue to develop and support it.

    When we announced the EOL for Kayako Download, we've had lots of interest from customers who were offering to pay more for us to provide an extended life contract to them.

    This created the possibility where we could continue supporting and developing Kayako Download more widely for existing customers, if we could secure enough sustainable commitments from enough customers. After re-negotiating with 100s of customers, we were able to come up with a business model for Kayako Download that would sustain it for the long term, and for us to still offer discounted loyalty pricing to existing customers.

    What's new in Kayako Download

    Here's a summary of what we've released for Kayako Download recently:

    • A new and improved interface for your team
    • A new, responsive, mobile-friendly support center for your customers
    • The ability to merge user accounts
    • {placeholder} support for ticket replies
    • Rich text ticket replies
    • Custom field data is now available for us in auto responder templates
    • Improved searching in the support center
    • Customers have the ability to CC other recipients when creating tickets from support center
    • Significant speed and relevancy improvements to search in the staff area
    • Changes to improve auto-threading and conversation views in email services like Gmail
    • Significant email parsing improvements, including MS Outlook email attachment (.msg, .eml) parsing
    • Emoji support! [​IMG]
    And much more to look forward to, which you can follow in the new home for Kayako Download release notes.

    A thank you

    I am so pleased that we're able to continue supporting and developing Kayako Download, rather than discontinuing it. We have KayakoDownload customers who have signed up to the new continued support plans to thank for that.

    I am sorry if the original decision to EOL caused any undue stress, and we certainly look forward to making it up to you.

    Renew and secure 10% off »»>

    Or if you have any questions, hit reply to this email and we'll be happy to help.


    Jamie Edwards
    Co-founder and COO, Kayako

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