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Looking to build a better Kayako DashBoard

Discussion in 'Requests' started by crofty2242, May 29, 2014.

  1. crofty2242

    crofty2242 New Member

    I want to talk with you about some reports that you might suggest – our company is growing very rapidly – here is a little timeline.

    2011 – we started getting very busy and had to form a customer service dept – we had 3 people all working out of Microsoft outlook

    2013 – we had grown to 10 in customer service and launched Kayako to use the ticketing system because personal

    Today we have 30 people in Kayako but we have no “dashboards”

    I am the owner of the company but Im not a pro at running a customer service center.

    I want a few things:

    1. an executive dashboard with some analytics for me and our management team to know “How our team is doing”

    2. I want to have data for the 30 people in customer service and have big TV screen monitors all around the dept creating a competition, I want to gamify the dept and have our team on some sort of incentive plan to help us keep growing the company.

    I reached out to you because I want to see what kind of reports you have developed for other clients that might make my customer service perform better.
  2. crofty2242

    crofty2242 New Member

    can anyone give me an idea of the best reports that your management team uses to "manage" the customer service dept?

    I can come up with a few, but its hard for me because I dont know what i dont know :)

    the top 3 I want to start with are:

    1. number of open tickets
    2. Avg response time to tickets today
    3. number of closed tickets by staff member

    in a perfect world, we build this "dashBoard" and have it on a huge 60" TV monitor for all of customer service to see that is updated every 30 seconds ... now its a competitive game and we magically work harder and better - because its a game :)
  3. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

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