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Discussion in '(Archive) Product related' started by wanga, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. wanga

    wanga New Member

    Are there any plans on having a version of LiveResponse work on a Mac, or is there any way to use LiveResponse on a mac.

  2. jonathanjab

    jonathanjab New Member

    I've tried running it through Wine without must success - although that won't work with Macs anyway (at least for the time being ;)

    The only way I've been able to run in on a non-windows sytem is to cheat - I've been using VMWare run install a Windows system and then run it though that, but it's not the fastest thing in the world :(
  3. Varun Shoor

    Varun Shoor Chief Kayaker Staff Member

    We plan to use AJAX to create a replica of our Winapp in near future, no fixed timelines yet as our priority is to finish KayakoMobile.


    Varun Shoor
  4. _zb

    _zb New Member

    How about Jabber/MSN/ICQ support ? :)
  5. wanga

    wanga New Member

    any word on this yet? most staff here use osx and its difficult for us to use livehelp due to the fact that it can only be offered in winapp...
  6. jonathanjab

    jonathanjab New Member

    It's the same here. I run Linux and use a remote desktop session (rdesktop) into Windows in order to run it. Has it's pro's and con's, but at least it works and I don't have to use Windows on a more permanent basis.
  7. XN-Matt

    XN-Matt Reputed Member

    Shame really. I would have thought that you would have wanted your desk based users to be able to conduct work before those using PDAs.

    At least - I doubt anyone is going to solely purchase the software just to use on their PDAs.

    Bad prioritisation if you ask me.

    Us Mac users need something now - not when you finish something else that wont really help us work from our desks.

  8. Giray

    Giray Established Member

    Live support on mac

    Keeping this thread alive. I'm looking for a live chat to integrate into support suite but we too are all on macs (some of which are not macintel and in any case we're discouraging our staff from running both platforms except for occasional needs but definitely not permanently).
  9. javieringo1

    javieringo1 New Member

    We own the support suite and most of the staff works on MAC's. PLEASE, we need the MAC version ASAP!!
  10. Ryan Lederman

    Ryan Lederman Kayako Guru

    Unfortunately we don't have any plans for a Mac-specific live support application, but there is a good chance that we will produce an AJAX web-based chat/site monitor. This will remove all OS complications!

  11. NetherBen

    NetherBen New Member

    Integrating a livehelp solution with Kayako

    I am currently working on a product to integrate kayako with another livehelp option that will work on OSX, I am looking for a few Kayako users to work with to make sure our product meets your needs and integrated with Kayako the way you need it to.

    hit me up on AIM: Netherweb.

    Right now we have developed a livehelp platform that integrates with standard IM clients, such as iChat, Adium, and GAIM. You can demo our free version at:

    However, we are looking to extend this product to integrate nicely with other 3rd party help desk solutions like kayako.

    If you are interested, please PM me, or hit me up on AIM.

    Ben Congleton
  12. efficinet

    efficinet New Member

    Use Parallels with Coherence - Works Well

    We have several Macs in our shop. We installed the latest parallels, built a very low overhead Windows XP virtual machine (boots in 17 seconds) and installed the LiveResponse software on it. We run the virtual machine in coherence mode which allows us not to see the desktop and do our work on the mac but run the LiveResponse window next to our other applications. We keep the machine at 512 ram so there is not a large resource drain on the mac, in fact we forget its running. With Parallel tools it also allows for seamless dragging and dropping, as well as full home directory access.

    Its not ideal but pretty close.
  13. Boss

    Boss New Member

    The only way I've been able to run in on a non-windows sytem is to cheat .Its not ideal but pretty .
  14. SteveLV702

    SteveLV702 Kayako Guru

    Ya I have to use VMware Fusion and actually install Windows on my Mac which then takes up like 20GB of my hard drive space and then I have to install LiveResponse on there which then I gotta keep that window in my view at ALL times or I don't see any chat notifications.

    Which I see this being a problem even if they come out with a web based chat as then we will have to keep our Browser window open and at top at all times to be notified of chats... which when I am working I do alot more stuff then just look at a single browser window none stop...
  15. XN-Matt

    XN-Matt Reputed Member

    20GB? What install are you doing?

    A minimum install of XP takes nowhere near 20GB, infact, it does not even use anywhere near 10GB.

    I have installed XP on a 2GB virtual disk without a problem.

    I use it with parellels and coherence mode. Not a long term solution - but it works.
  16. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    As much as we would like to develop a desktop application for each platform, it is not fesiable for us (outside of a web-browser based solution).

    An overwhelming majority of Kayako users (both current and potential, as far as we can tell) are based/base their staff on Windows powered computers; this is the platform of choice so it is the one we develop for.

    Many customers have had great success running the desktop application on Macs using Parallels, I do suggest you use a solution like this in order to run the application on your Macs.
  17. craigbrass

    craigbrass New Member

  18. SteveLV702

    SteveLV702 Kayako Guru

    msmartinwsx yes it does not take 20GB but when you use VMware Fusion it by default sets aside 20GB unless you do Custom Configuration the 20GB is then used for the Windows install plus any windows programs you install then once you reach 20Gb it will then start getting larger and larger...

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