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Major fix for HTML emails + breaklines!

Discussion in 'Developing, APIs and extending' started by Marvin Herbold, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Does this work in the latest version?
  2. jeffshead

    jeffshead Established Member

  3. I am thinking not because the file is so much larger than the new file of the same name. I would try it out but I am unwilling to break our production system even for a minute. :oops:
  4. jeffshead

    jeffshead Established Member

    Nor would I. Why don't you set up a test environment?
  5. I didn't think the license file would allow it.
  6. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Ticket post features should work fine with 4.61, 4.63 when released will actually have the html processor included within the core product.

  7. That is amazing news. Release 4.63 yesterday please :p
  8. Shriniket2

    Shriniket2 New Member


    CreateClient : isHtml set to true in function Post()
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2014
  9. brat42

    brat42 Established Member

    Can you tell me Gary what the benefit is to the Kayako HTML Processor please? Does it mimic what your "Beautiful HTML Ticket Posts" fix did?
  10. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Out the box now ( 4.70 for example ) actually has 2 different html processors it can use, so your HTML should be clean and fix broken HTML.

  11. brat42

    brat42 Established Member

    Alright. I am on 4.70 now. I'm just trying to eliminate all this:

    On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 9:12 PM,


    From: [Email Address]
    Sent: Thursday 21 May 2015 13:05
    To: [Email Address]
    Reply To: [Email Address]
    Subject: [#FNU-486-63265]: [Ticket Subject]

    I am making use of the "Please reply above this line" 'modification' which works very well, but it's not stripping the above examples and I am wondering if you have any ideas please Gary?
  12. jeffshead

    jeffshead Established Member

    Gary, are you planning on updating Ticket Post Features for 4.75.1?

    I don't know why in the world Kayako does not incorporate this as base code.
  13. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hey Jeff,

    I have pushed out an update for TPF for you.

  14. jeffshead

    jeffshead Established Member

    Sweet! Works great!
  15. mcdodd

    mcdodd Member

    Hi Gary,
    Is there any chance you could update TPF for the current Kayako Classic release (4.79). We've just upgraded for the first time in a while and are now realising how much we miss the ticket post features for condensing tickets with lots of replies in.

    Thanks for providing this.
  16. AkeHayc

    AkeHayc New Member

    Hello Gary!

    We have problem with new lines after staff reply to client.

    After getting a ticket from the client Outlook to Kayako, the ticket is displayed normally. But if an employee responds to this ticket to a client whose Outlook costs, the formatting moves away. New lines appear between the text. It's very ugly.

    Also appears garbage:

    Attached Files:

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