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Making requests

Discussion in 'Developing, APIs and extending' started by Jimmy Dev, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Jimmy Dev

    Jimmy Dev New Member

    Hi, sorry if these are terrible questions, but I am a bit stumped trying to integrate with Kayako's API.

    I am reading through the docs and trying to build in an integration for one of our clients. They want general info about tickets and such.

    I have followed the generate signature steps listed in the API docs. But there doesn't seem to be a very good example of how a request is to be constructed and sent.

    For example, I want to get a list of Tickets.

    On the API docs page, I see a couple of "sample" requests. One spot looks like this:

    What a request looks like

    the other looks like this:

    Request URL type
    Some customers on certain types of web server run into problems using one, but not the other (often relating to rewrite rules, or security packages).

    There is no explanation or context for what the App/Controller/Action is in the documentation, so I guess it refers to the endpoint?

    Either way, reading the docs, it appears that the pattern for constructing a uri is to append the apikey, salt, and (presumably url encoded) signature to the end of the query string.

    So, to get a list of tickets, my understanding is that I will need to make a GET request to the following URI:

    https://{client's domain}.kayako.com/api/tickets/ticket/listall?apikey={client's api key}&salt={generated salt}=&signature={url encoded signature}.

    Of course, you probably already know that this does not work.

    I get a 401: NO SALT PROVIDED!

    But I have poured over the docs, forums, and stack overflow and nobody else seems to have this question. Can you please help me understand what I'm doing wrong?

    Both example requests on the api documentation show the endpoint as "/api/index.php..." which is not something I often see in REST apis. Also, it just returns a 404 Page not found.

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