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Manual execute POP3/IMAP Fetching - User Error

Discussion in 'Installation and setup (Kayako Classic Download)' started by Jemrada, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Jemrada

    Jemrada New Member


    I am running Kayako Resolve. I started having an issue with importing an email that was over the message size limit. After increasing the settings in mail parser and my php limits.

    for example:
    php limit - 256MB
    php upload limit - 20MB
    post max size - 20MB

    The emails are still not being pulled. If I go to scheduled tasks and execute POP3/IMAP Fetching. I get the below message in red.

    [User Error]: #0 /home/*****/public_html/support/__swift/library/Registry/class.SWIFT_Registry.php(179): SWIFT_Database->AutoExecute('swregistry', Array, 'UPDATE', 'vkey = 'gridcac...')
#1 /home/*****/public_html/support/__swift/library/Cache/class.SWIFT_CacheStore.php(216): SWIFT_Registry->UpdateKey('gridcache', 'a:4:{i:1;a:10:{...')
#2 /home/*****/public_html/support/__swift/library/UserInterface/class.SWIFT_UserInterfaceGrid.php(622): SWIFT_CacheStore->Update('gridcache', Array)
#3 /home/*****/public_html/support/__swift/library/UserInterface/class.SWIFT_UserInterfaceGrid.php(1729): SWIFT_UserInterfaceGrid->GetOffset()
#4 /home/*****/public_html/support/__swift/library/UserInterface/class.SWIFT_UserInterfaceGrid.php(1547): SWIFT_UserInterfaceGrid->GetItems()
#5 /home/*****/public_html/support/__swift/library/UserInterface/class.SWIFT_UserInterfaceGrid.php(1503): SWIFT_UserInterfaceGrid->RenderGridContents(' 'datasize' => 1309,
'dateline' => 1342837850,
)) WHERE vkey = 'gridcache'2006:MySQL server has gone away (library/class.SWIFT.php:768)
    If I go to the browser and manual execute the cron url of https://www.decalcity.com/support/cron/index.php?/Parser/ParserMinute/POP3IMAP

    I get the follow message

    Running parser for Queue ID '1': support@decalcity.com Failed to load Email Queue Signature based on Email Queue ID: 1Queue Total: , Accepted: , Rejected: Running parser for Queue ID '2': sales@decalcity.com Failed to load Email Queue Signature based on Email Queue ID: 2Queue Total: , Accepted: , Rejected: Running parser for Queue ID '3': requests@decalcity.com Queue Total: 0, Accepted: 0, Rejected: 0 Running parser for Queue ID '4': transactions@decalcity.com Queue Total: 0, Accepted: 0, Rejected: 0 Final Total: 0, Accepted: 0, Rejected: 0
    Any suggestions of what I need to do?

    None of my files have been modified.
  2. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Staff Member

    Hi there,

    I think both these errors are actually linked, the first error said in english "the MySQL server did not respond, so my query failed"

    The second error in english "Tried to load the mail queue information, but got no results back"

    both of these are pointing at issues with your MySQL server, it looks like its locking up or crashing or something along those lines.

  3. Jemrada

    Jemrada New Member

    Hmm, the Kayako team been working on it all week and have not been able to resolve it.

    A repair and optimization on the database by the admins on my server have not found an issue.
  4. Chad H

    Chad H New Member

    Hi Jemrada and Gary,

    I am getting the same exact error as Jemrada. Did you guys every find a resolution to this issue?
  5. Jemrada

    Jemrada New Member

    Yes, it was discovered that sometime ago that they had the admins make a user/domain specific php.ini and even though we was changing the global php settings. The php settings for the domain Kayako was on never seen changes. Once we changed the settings for the domain. It worked fine.
  6. Chad H

    Chad H New Member

    Awesome. Thanks for the update Jermada :)

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