Planned "Mark As Spam" should delete or disable the associated user account

Discussion in 'Smaller features and tweaks' started by Carl Silver, May 17, 2012.

  1. Carl Silver

    Carl Silver Reputed Member

    When marking a ticket as spam, it should automatically (or give you the option to) remove the account it created under the registered users list, This will help keep your user DB clean from spammy email addresses.

  2. masterctrl1

    masterctrl1 Kayako Guru

  3. DCC Supplies

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  4. Ben Dobson

    Ben Dobson Member

    Completely agree. You don't need to run a helpdesk for long before you get a whole load of nonsense accounts. Cleaning these up is really quite hard and time consuming.
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  5. Erin Mann

    Erin Mann Member

  6. Carl Silver

    Carl Silver Reputed Member

    Recieved an update on SWIFT-2507 but im not sure if it means it's fixed or marked as not implemented?! I think maybe there is some confusion as to what i ment?

    If new spam comes in, it will not be blocked by the parser as no rule will exist. When using the "Mark as Spam" option in the ticket view it should give you an option to also delete the user account automatically created when the email was parsed.
  7. Gary McGrath

    Gary McGrath Kayako Staff Staff Member

    Hi Carl,

    That update means there is now a fix in place for the issue, but it has not undergone QA testing yet.

  8. Carl Silver

    Carl Silver Reputed Member

    ahh i see. I was just confused as to the comment posted with the update!
  9. Lorna Webb

    Lorna Webb Member

    is there any update on this one? we would also be very interested to see it developed as cleaning up spam from the Registered Users area is time consuming and doesn't make sense.

  10. James McCann

    James McCann Established Member

  11. Ken Tran

    Ken Tran New Member


    I believe the last comment on that Jira ticket by James McCann is slightly wrong:
    "Agree with the above, when a ticket is marked for SPAM then the associated user account that was created should be deleted and the domain banned."

    I don't think you should BAN the domain, for instance, you don't want to ban just because you have a spam from someone from gmail.

    It should add that email to the BAN list and give you option to delete OR disable the user.
  12. James McCann

    James McCann Established Member

    Hi Ken you are right
  13. Jamie Edwards

    Jamie Edwards Chief Limey Staff Member

    Hi folks

    We are planning to add the following:
    • Immediately delete the ticket
    • Disable the user's account

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